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Read on to know what happens to men who marry in India

Marriage versus prostitution

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 27, 2009

This idea came to my mind, because a reader of my blog commented that “Men marry attractive body and women marry bank balances”. (It is comment number 5 at

I went and searched for the definition of prostitution: The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money.

I searched for prostitution first, not because prostitutes interest me more than wives (if there is any difference between the two), but because I knew finding the definition of prostitution is going to be relatively easy task.

A general definition of marriage is that it is a legal and social contract between two individuals that gives legitimacy to sexual relations.

So, both serve one main purpose, the purpose of physical pleasure. Now, let us evaluate the 2 ‘professions’ on the following 3 parameters – variety, switching costs, and quality.

Parameter Marriage Prostitution
Variety Very low

Adultery is a crime for men under IPC 497, while women can do it legally. IPC 497 applies only to men.

As desired

You can go to different service providers as per your desires. You are not bound by any ‘contract’ called marriage.

Switching Costs

(Switching from one woman to the other)

Very high

In order to switch wives, you would need to divorce the first one, and divorce is an expensive affair.


There is no cost involved in switching commercial sex workers

Customer Service Quality Low

The service provider doesn’t care whether the consumer is satisfied or not, he will still have to pay for her whether he continues to use the service or not.


Repeat business is a customer’s choice.

Hence, marriage is equivalent to prostitution in the following manner:

  1. You might get sex in marriage

I am using the word ‘might’ because you can not have sex against your               spouse’s wishes. So if you are lucky, then you will get sex.

2. You are obliged to maintain the woman financially

But marriage is different from prostitution in the following:

  1. You have to pay for her irrespective of whether you get anything from her in return or not.

2. If you sleep with someone else, that is illegal.

To summarize:

Men do not even get from their wives what they get from prostitutes. Even if the wives were as good, then also marriage can at best be described as long-term prostitution unless the women of this nation start to take equal responsibilities of running the household.

31 Responses to “Marriage versus prostitution”

  1. krishna said

    I would like to point out a mistake in your above table…. the switching costs under prostitution is “NIL”…..

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Yes Sir, you are right.

      I did not say zero, because switching costs theoritically include the ‘time/ effort’ spent to look and evaluate alternatives 😉

      But logically you are right, point taken.

    • Joyce said

      Krishna sends me a response, but leaves me no way to reply………….COWARD!!!!

      Yes, I get paid and PROUD of it!!!!

      • krishna said

        Wow!!!! Im loving it…..

        I dont give you space to reply???? Did I tie your hands so you couldnt type????

        Now that you have said it that you are proud to be a pros….. join hands with us to legalise prostitution and discard marriage….. why stay in camouflage, be what you are with pride!!!!!!!!


      • Joyce said

        I see now where I can reply. Yes I think it should be legal, but supervised and taxed. NO MEN owners, NO PIMPS, NO MARRIED men, the girls get tested BY LAW and the men are allowed NO Kissing or anything uncovered, otherwise forget it. Security at ALL times for the ladies.!!!

        No one more proud than I at 600.00 per hr for one bang! Then I want them out of my face until they come back to see the show again, get service and LEAVE. NO I do not want to see them on my off time for “Dinner”…LOL! No discounts!

      • krishna said

        So you would put a DV case on the man who tries to kiss you…. hahaha…..

        You know you are just a male basher and trying to keep up with your point…. be happy with your own dream world…..

        by d way which country are you from…. Just Curious 🙂

  2. As I was browsing the internet I came across two interesting parallel, independent but related articles,

    1.Legalize prostitution if you can’t curb it: SC to govt (Published in the Times of India)

    2.Marriage versus prostitution

    Article #1 talks about the observations of Supreme Court.

    Whilst article #2 talks about the similarities between marriage and prostitution and also carries an analytical comparison of the two and the final outcome is that, the current context, prostitution outperforms marriage for men.

    Visit my blog for more details

  3. Altius said

    well girija vyas needs to comment, now , what her recent bangalore speech meant to the citizen (esp.women welfare) of India.

  4. Joyce said

    You are just thinking of WIVES for Sex??? The wife cooks, cleans etc….She does not get paid nearly what she is worth. The man is rude to his wife but sweet and charming to the hooker. I think women should not marry ANY man unless he is worth 5 million dollars and she gets half if they divorce or a woman should just SELL IT!! Pu**y is in HIGH demand because of the curse placed on men that they crave it so bad. Women are not to be USED. I like hookers and wives do not get enough credit. I have NO respect for women that just (give it away) or no respect for MARRIED men that visit hookers.

    • krishna said

      Alright Mr.Joyce…. So for cooking, cleaning and sex you are ready togive away 2.5 million dollars….. wow….. i wish i was a female. Would have surely married you 🙂 …..

      After all what you are suggesting is legal/camouflage prostitution… rather than paying daily you will pay a lump-sum……

      • Joyce said

        By the way, (I) am a FEMALE. I know men will cheat no matter what RICH OR POOR and yes (Marriage) is just legal prostitution. I know in some countries MEN can legally rape and beat their wives. They need to be blown off the map. No man would ever abuse me and if he did, he better not go to sleep.I can stay awake A LOT longer than any man………LOL!

        Yes a WIFE is PRICELESS for all she does.

    • Raj said

      Men having 5 Million will have as many as mistress rather then wives like you. and you will be treated like a dog.

      You agree that women are behind men;s money,But why?
      Also when you have many more option to earn money than going for a public paid server (pros), again why do you want to get married and needs a proctetor ir not his money. Come out of the well and change your life. when you know the chance of miserable life after marriage, why do you marry?

      The answer is you want to escape from your parents, you want to get screwed legally, And also want to enjoy your life on someone else money,

      Before marriage you were enjoying on father;s money and after marriage on husnad’s money. Becoming modern in customes, apprearnace and language doesnt matter, real medernisation is comes only in thinking.

      So you girls think in good ways.

      • Joyce said

        RAJ..Humm??? Now that sounds like an Arab or Indian. Let me tell you (I) had no “Father”. Also know that NO man would ever treat me “like a dog”, not and be stupid enough to go to sleep, I would hope, but if he did then the world would be a better place for all.
        ALL men will cheat!!! Rich or poor so I would rather sell it, or marry the rich one and when he cheats take my half and go, Yes you got it right.
        MEN only want to get married to get FREE sex and have a slave to cook and clean for them. Go Hookers Go!!!

      • krishna said

        So now you prove that you are a pros, just with a higher tag….

        Any takers!!!!!!!!!

  5. arun said

    joyce, you have a wrong understanding of men. by your comments its apparent that you have been cheated in your personal life. that does not mean all men cheat. men dont marry just for sex. they too want love and support from marriage. but, today these things are missing. you need to understand the ground realities about india before commenting. in india, the condition of men is worst. they are treated worser than animals. and we have started to fight back for the society, to save our country from legal terrorists. this article is focused on wicked wife not normal good wives.

  6. Joyce said

    What by YOUR standards is a “Good Wife” and what is a “Wicked Wife”?
    American men say a “Good Wife” as do most men is one that gives sex on demand no matter how tired she is or how much he has mistreated her, one that cooks for him, bears his kids, never even THINKS of another man and lets him cheat all he wants to and maybe infect her with some disease or even AIDS. A “Wicked Wife” is one that says NO to all this abuse.

    • krishna said

      Wow… nice definition and what do you say to a wife… who always nags and fights????? Who ill-treats the hubby’s parents & all in-laws???? plans and acts to detach hubby from the family????? Just wants to send money to her parents, always???? Uses children as pawns when the marriage gets sour???? Puts up false cases against in-laws??? the list is endless…. Let me know what category does such wives fall in……

  7. Joyce said

    I have delt with LOT of men and I have heard it ALL.
    Yes my sister inlaw is EXACTLY the wife to my brother that you describe here, so I Know it is REAL about that type of BITCH wife. I have seen her up close, live and in action. She also strapped him down with 5 kids so he can never escape her. She told him she was on the pill EACH time. He told me he would rather be dead or in prison than be with her. He tried suicide 4 times just this year alone, but is now safely in prison. She can raise 5 brats by herself now. She is what I would call a WICKED EVIL ABUSIVE WIFE!!, but she ruined HERSELF too…..LOL!

    • krishna said

      good that you accept it…..

      but ultimately who landed in jail????? you are saying she ruined your life, you are not saying this coz she is suffering but coz her life could have been much better…… the ultimate sufferer is the Man….. did you stand by him?????? If you didnt, you shouldnt stand by women/wives now……..


  8. Joyce said

    I thought I was clear but not sure where you are from. Yes I stand by my brother 100% in this case because yes his WIFE was his down fall. He needs to be in Prison to get treatment for the drugs she pushed him into. She wanted him to not get treatment and just DIE so she could be free of him and collect a lot of money upon his death. Now she in return suffers because HE no longer has to work 12 to 14 hr shifts to support her fat ass and 5 kids. I fought to help him get to prison after he relasped from returning to her over and over. Addicts MUST leave their environment. I will fight to get him additional time, as he has other charges pending and she can actually work and support herself and 5 kids now. he told me, as I said before “I would rather be dead or in jail than be with her”, so I think Jail is better than dead! Her ass needs to be in jail for what she did to him.

    This is just ONE case of many I am sure. In most cases it is the women and children being abused by me………….FACT. I ALWAYS support the ABUSED one male or female and it goes both ways but as I said VERY CLEARLY, In most cases it is the women that are abused. I cannot and will not take a side for (one) only. Let the REAL ABUSER pay and be punished. My brother is better off now as he has a fitness center, no more 12 to 14 hr work shifts, no fighting with her, no screaming kids. Prisons in the U.S are very nice and some people upon release committ another crime so they can go back. This is not like third world countries or even China. Prisioners here are treated very well. His life is much better now. It is SHE that must now work, pay taxes, pay bills etc..My brother has none of that to deal with anymore………Praise God!!!! He has a job in prison to buy his extras, but it is eight hrs a day, he can now work out in the fitness center, he has a library, a Minister, three meals a day and two snacks, o bills no taxes and full coverage health insurance ALL FOR FREE at a cost to our tax payers. I say stop ALL useless wars and aid and spend OUR tax dollars on US!!! One of our prisons here a FEDERAL prison had a swimming pool for the inmates.My brother also will now take many classes and even get computer skills which his wife denied him. You see it is not just Indian MEN that suffer because of some wicked wife, but my brother is FREE now from her AMEM AMEN What a wonderful God we have and God answers my prayers. I know both sides of this issue more than you know because I have delt with so many Men and Pround of it…Keep in mind. Yes I know the liars from the real ones. I have met both.


    • krishna said

      You stood by him…. coz he was your brother and thats how you came to know about the abuse Men go through…… and still you live by the illusion that women are the ones who suffer the most of the abuse…. Why dont you check out and compare the no. of suicides of married men vs. women….. you will understand who is going through more abuse…….

      So think about all the people who dont have a brother… or whose brother lives far away from them and doesnt talk openly about the abuse coz then the family members & friends will call him a coward and make fun of him….

      You feel women are harrased more coz that is what comes out in the open and in the media….. abuse of men doesnt come in open(coz it is laughed at) and also this is not hot issue for media……..

  9. Joyce said

    I do not live in India so I am not sure of their culture only by as you say, the media. I know how they treat women in Iran, Iraq, and Afganatan. They are not allowed to drive, go to school or even vote. Their husbands can rape and beat them any time and some men have several wives. Now these are FACTS and if you go by STATS, WOMEN are more abused in the world than men!!!

    Men very often are thier own enemy. For example a 35 yr old FEMALE Scool teacher here in the U.S had SEX several times with a 13 yr old boy. The men here applauded the situation, when clearly SHE should have done 20 yrs for RAPE just as a man would have gotten if he raped a 13 yr old girl over and over, but since the men wished it had happened to them in school or happened to thier son, she got NOTHING!! Now if it had been a man raping their Daughter they would have been mad as hell. Men love SEX, Live hearing of it, talking of it etc…It was a curse placed on them. It is difficult to feel sorry for men when the praise rape of their sons by women. STAND UP MEN, FIGHT BACK COME OUT OF THE CLOSET, FEAR NO MAN and care not what others say. I never care that some people think (I) am trash, scum etc… Screw them (But not for free)!!! I was posting on ALL possible boards for men to stop the praise of this female rapist, but they would not listen
    YOU need to “Check out” the MURDERS of women by men vs Murders of men by women!!!! DO IT PAL!!!! Check it out then dispute with me.

    I understand in India that women must walk BEHIND their husband??? They are marked with a red dot on their head to tell if they are married or not????? What kind of shit is that??? You know NOTHING of the FACTS as a whole. I know BOTH sides of the abuse issue and you need to read things other than Indian Propaganda.

    As far as I am concerned ALL women should charge for sex and men have the right to use there hand instead. NO PIMPS, NO MARRIED MEN, NO ABUSE OF THE WOMAN DURING SEX.

    As I said before I ALWAYS stand behind the abused and not “Cos” he is my brother. You did not read all I posted, and just fired back at me.

  10. ananth said

    Both wife and prostitute can be dangerous to get hiv, blackmail for cash in their own way. Prostitution can have underworld threts where are divorce courts can have harassments in their own way. Better dont marry or worse get out of marriage soon if possible if wife is harassing u.

  11. it is impotant intellectualism and pitiable thinkerism to compare wife and prostitute what the new term used by so called artist of bollywood ……item girl….is it the term between wife and prostitute according to you…answer please.

  12. pankaj Sahni said

    you could have written from the point of view of a married women and a prostitute..i.e wat they think of marriage & prostitution.. u could probably add why they choose marriage than prostitution.. somthing of that sort..
    this article looks as if your totally writing from the point of view of a men..

    otherwise the article is brilliant.. TIGHT slap on the married woman who think of marriage as business & means of free legal sex, pregnancy & extortion

  13. savedaughters19 said

    Men like you should never get married.
    for you wifes are just for sex….
    I wonder what your mothers and sisters taught you…. disgusting.

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      I approved your comment because you have a right to your view, I respect that right and do not mind publishing all views (even if they are criticizing me). Though I will not bother to reply to your view because it is not an efficient use of my time to discuss the matter with you. My views are written all over my blog and I am influencing the people who matter

      • Joyce said

        It took you long enough. See if you “Approve” this one…LOL!

      • said

        Thank You, I never look for REPLIES and do not care about REPLIES, but if you run a blog you need to be fair and post ALL responses unless they are abusive or attacking a person. Attacking meaning, name calling and such. AS for a waste of your time A blog about a local ELECTED Judge, you are only getting the ones that are pissed at her because they lost their case. The Judge is very much liked and respected by many and she will be elected again. It is true that she takes no crap in her court and has written up several Attorneys for running up fees on clients. She has never had a (Judge complaint) APPROVED. Men on your site attacking women or the women (defending) that caused the guy to end up in court is not good. Romney and his crew attacked women and I knew he was finished. Your blog needs to be fair or you end up with just those with the same view which means nothing and has no affect. I was never asking you or anyone to DISCUSS anything with me. Regards, JT

  14. Anil said

    Is the whole man and women drama really all about sex?

    It’s really about more than sex.

    There’s something inside everyone that torments both men and women into forming pairs. Neither men nor women truly understand each others needs and this forms the basis of the entire drama. Somewhere in the middle, the pairs end up procreating and this is all that mother nature intended, the actual puppet master.

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