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Read on to know what happens to men who marry in India


1. Who needs protection? Men or Women

Official Statistics (Source: NCRB*)
Male Female
Suicide of MARRIED persons (2005 – 07) 1,65,528 88,121
One Suicide in every 9 Min 18 Min
Number of MURDERS 26,467 7,952
One Murder in Every 19 Min 66 Min

*NCRB – National Crime Records Bureau

At home, men are twice as likely to be driven to commit suicide as compared to women.

Outside the home, a man is murdered every 19 minutes as opposed to a woman being murdered every 66 minutes.

So, which gender is more unsafe in India?

2. Men contribute 82% of the taxes collected in the country, still not even 1 Rupee has been spent on men’s welfare in the last 60 years. In contrast, every year Rupees 7,428 Crore rupees are spent on women’s welfare!

3) 40 cases of abandoned wives per year is a primary concern of media and Govt. but no one is bothered about 40,000 false arrests of women under dowry laws.

Yes, even I was surprised to know that 40 cases per year – that is the number of abandoned wives.

4) In 1920, the difference between the expected lifespan of a woman and a man was 1 year (woman lived longer). Today in 2009, the difference has become 7 years.

Do you know why? Because everyone across the world talks about women’s health only. Every year Crores and Crores of Rupees are invested into medical research about women’s diseases only.

Everyone is concerned about breast cancer, but how many people even know about prostate cancer?

Do you know that the chances of a man dying of cancer are twice as much as a woman dying of cancer?

Still, no one talks about men’s health.

5) One argument that I often face when interacting with feminists – they will always brag about dowry death numbers – one dowry death every ‘x’ minutes.

Just tell them the definition of dowry death in India – ‘Any death of a married woman under un-natural circumstances within 7 years of marriage’ is automatically termed dowry death. Hence, the numbers are high.

Suicide is the most common form of death under un-natural circumstances, and we know from the above point number 1 as to who is pushed to suicide more.

6) Sex Ratio in India

Sex ratio:
At birth: 1.12 male(s)/female (2009)
Under 15: 1.10 male(s)/female (2009)
15-64 years: 1.06 male(s)/female (2009)
65-over: 0.90 male(s)/female (2009)


This is for all the feminists that keep crying foul over female infanticide. Look at the numbers – India kills 0.02 males per female between the age of 0 and 15. (There are 1.12 males per female at birth, and only 1.1 remain by the time they reach the age of 15). It proves that girl child is taken better care of by Indian families.

And the trend continues through out the life. Notice how the sex ratio continues to change, with only 0.9 males remaining per female beyond the age of 65.

So, next time you see an old woman alone, think in your mind that she must have killed her husband before time (Very soon, someone needs to write an article called “Missing Men” in response to Amartya Sen’s article on ‘100 Million Missing Women’).

7) 80 – 85% of divorces are initiated by women.


8) Table : Suicide Statistics Year 2006

AGE               MEN          WOMEN   TOTAL%         MORE MEN
14 or less    1194           1270         2464                -6%
15-29            22757      19459       42216              17%
30-44            27809      12890       40699            1 16%
45-59            17345       6261           236061          77%
60 or more 6597          2530          9127               161%
TOTAL      75702      42410       118112               79%

Source: NCRB Data of 2006 (

WHAT THIS MEANS? Under the age of 14, women are 6% more likely to commit suicide, but the suicide rate increases drastically upto 116% more for males WHEN CHILDREN START TO TAKE GENDER BASED ROLES!

5 Responses to “STATISTICS”

  1. Sanjana said

    Now the Latest of NCW that I like is that the Moment a Woman marries she get 50% of the share from the Husband’s Family!! Whew!! Kwell isn’t it? If the Husband’s family seeks for her share from her family then its Dowry!! So if I go on a marriage spree my famliy would be richer with my 50% share from every ex-Husband!!

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      A lady goes to a toys shop to buy a Barbie doll. She tells the sales person that she needs a Barbie doll but doesn’t know what is available and price. The sales person replies “We have Tennis Barbie and she’s $28. Lady asks “Well, anything else?” “We have an Scuba Diving Barbie and she’s $28”. Lady asks “Well, anything else?” “well, we have a divorced Barbie and that’s $250”. Lady replies “I don’t understand why divorced Barbie is so expensive. The others were only $28. What is so special about divorced Barbie?” The sales person replies “Simple, she comes with her ex-husband’s car, his house, and all his other stuff”.

  2. lions never needs protection kings can protect there area kith and kin provided they are not within cage or clutches of 498a

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Aman, I tend to disagree here with you.

      In their efforts to be ‘lion’ and ‘macho men’, men are harming themselves. Men die 7 years younger than women, and die of all major ailments more than women, so it is high time that men stop to be ‘lions’, and seek protection.

      On a personal level, you are right that every individual is not bound by cage, but it is painful when an individual is made to fight against a system that promotes women pamperment.

      (By the way, do you know that even the lions in jungle do not go hunting, the lioness goes and hunts the food?)

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