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Top IAS officer commits suicide because of wife

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on October 21, 2008

On November 2, 2010: The below post was based on what was published in the newspapers and shown on TV. After Mr. Chhatwal’s daughter shared his suicide note with me, I no not have any doubt that the drastic step taken by him was in no way related to his married life.

I understand that my post has caused a lot of agony and resentment to Chhatwal family and I sincerely apologize for the same.

Let us all learn from this incident how careless media is – and not to trust blindly everything that is published in the newspapers.

———————–On October 21, 2008, I had written:

Yesterday one senior bureaucrat was arrested in dowry case.

Today one more committed suicide because of family reasons (Prima facie only two reasons seem probable – either the wife was having an affair with the next door neighbor or was threatening the bureaucrat with false dowry cases).

CHANDIGARH: One of Punjab’s top IAS officers, principal secretary A S Chhatwal, on Monday committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan in  his Chandigarh home.

Chhatwal, a 1986 batch Punjab cadre officer, was found hanging in his Sector 39 official residence by his wife and was brought to PGI hospital by her and the family’s next-door neighbour Chandigarh finance secretary Sanjay Kumar.

Chandigarh SSP S S Srivastava told reporters a suicide note found at Chhatwal’s house said the officer was depressed, probably because of family reasons.

Doctors said Chhatwal was put on life support systems for a while before he died. Chhatwal had figured in Vigilance Bureau inquiries in the Ludhiana City Center scam involving former CM Amarinder Singh since the officer was the chief administrator of Punjab Urban Development Authority when the alleged irregularities took place.

Apart from being principal secretary, Chhatwal was serving as secretary, science and technology and non-conventional energy and commissioner of NRI affairs.

22 Responses to “Top IAS officer commits suicide because of wife”

  1. Russel J said

    Very good blog. So many boys face torture by their wives today, so many commit suicides but still the common public is not made aware. I feel very proud looking at your blog. At least one wife (your wife) is being taught a proper lesson

  2. Jasleen Chhatwal said

    Don’t try to sit on judgement on other people’s lives. If you can deal with your own life and do a decent job of that, you should be thankful.
    This IAS officer you have written about is my father. And I for one know that every bit of speculation that you have done is completely false.
    Try respecting people’s private lives and be more humane to another human being’s loss.

    Maybe if you learn a bit about minding your own business and being less callous with your opinions and remarks, you’d have a better life. Also try not to take out your life’s frustrations by writing random graffiti on the internet. Do a bit of research before you write your articles and maybe they will be of some use.

    Lastly. my parents had been happily married for 25years at the time, and the supposed ‘dowry’ harassment law only stands good for the first 7 years of a marriage!

    Hope you’ll learn a bit from this.

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Dear Jasleen,
      The suicide of an innocent man in this country is my business. You suggest that everyone should be concerned about injustice only when it affects them directly? So I should wait till the time someone in my family commits suicide?

      If laws are misused, then spreading awareness about it is my business. I would very much shout at the top of my voice that there are problems. It is because men never spoke about their problems that only women problems are known to the world.

      You cannot deny the fact that there are many men who commit suicide because of marital problems and threat of false cases.

      Most of the speculation that you have mentioned is not done by me – it is done by your father’s suicide note. I would be obliged to publish the note here if you have a copy and you reckon that the note didn’t refer to his marital problems. Let the truth come out.

      Also, dowry harassment law applies after 25 years of marriage too! It is a misconception that it stands good only for first 7 years of marriage.

      I am sorry about your loss. And I am not being judgmental about your father – I feel sorry that such an educated high – character man ended his life

  3. rajesh m said

    Dont get prejudice
    And come out of early understanding or conclude ur assumptions
    It is nt gud a person of such cadre saw this ending
    Hope there r no such news in news
    And also wish to see misuse of dowry law doesnt happen ever

  4. Jasleen Chhatwal said

    To the Author of this blog

    Since you actually brought it up, i would be happy to send you a scanned copy of the note.
    I never have cared about anything people said about me, and so when a few newspapers speculated the cause to be my marriage i did exactly that. But I’m very protective of my family and especially my parents. So when you speculate about my parents’ relationship, I care, a lot.

    I’m out of the country right now. Shall be back in 2 weeks. Please give me your mail id and you shall recieve a copy.
    In return, I would like you to post a correction of the story and the facts.
    Do we have an understanding??

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Yes – we have that understanding.

      Ping me here when you are back in the country. (I would also try to remind you in 2 weeks time).


  5. Jasleen Chhatwal said

    Mr Rajesh M

    When it comes to my family it is difficult to stay shut if there is content on the world wide web that is false and hurtful.

    I do understand and agree that there are men, and a lot of them, who face harassment because of the women-centeric dowry laws. I’m not saying anything regarding this blog or the issues it wants to bring up. These are all valid issues and I am sure people find it helpful to have a place where they can discuss them and find some support.

    BUT the content of this article is false. I was very close to my father, more so than I was to my mother even. So I have been dealing with the biggest loss in my life. However we know what medical problems he was dealing with. And the work pressure he had. We are trying to make our peace with our loss.
    And no matter what a person’s cadre or stature in society is, we all need to understand that they are still real people with real life issues.

    However, marital issues had absolutely no role to play in this case.
    I hope I have managed to get this point very clear here.

  6. Jasleen Chhatwal said

    Please send me your email address.

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      I have received the scanned documents. I will study and do the needful. Please give me some time.


      • Jasleen Chhatwal said

        You did not study this much even the first time around. I’m surprised that you want/need so much time now.
        I’ve sent you the documents since 26th of october.
        When you speculated, you wrote whatever you felt like in less than a day of my dad’s demise.
        And now when you have to post a correction, in spite of having complete documentation, you need more time??

        Please follow through with what you promised as soon as possible.

      • iluvshrutiverma said

        Please see the post again. I have posted an apology in bold letters on the top. Once again, I am sorry. Most of what I had written was just re-produced from other sources like Times of India. It was not something that I created on my own.

  7. Jasleen Chhatwal said

    Thank you for making the changes. It’s appreciated.

  8. tmehta said

    That was very forthcoming blog post!!

  9. kamath said

    Terribly well executed piece of writing!!!

  10. Rani Kaur said

    I am writing from Canada, Jasleen your mother came to visit Canada and stayed with my ex-husband in his apartment in Surrey for months. Do you know what your mother is upto???

    • Jane2u said

      Rani, was that really required? Even if that’s true (and that does not, considering some of the photos you have posted on Facebook), shouldn’t you approach Jasleen directly rather than trying to publicly humiliate someone who has suffered personal loss?

  11. “Mr. Chhatwal’s daughter shared his suicide note with me”
    Can you please share this?

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Hi Prasoon, I have high respect for you. I have followed several blogs of yours in the past. Having said that, I suspect Mr Chhatwal’s family might not want to share the note publicly. I will send an email to his daughter and let you know

      • OK if they don’t want to share it, its OK, we should respect their choice. But, try to make them understand that every person who kill themselves is not doing it for fun. They want to sent a strong message to the society. If someone else want to keep that message hidden then its their choice!

  12. karna said

    ilovesruthiverma –dude ur doing an awesome job of reflecting more on 498a..dont have much insight into the subject but are there any changes which were going to be made and is it the genuine time to reach out more effectively and bring celebrities and other topguns of the goverenment to speak out the misuse of 498a…am sure blogging is reaching out to people but is not getting the solution we want…and pretty sure not all happy husbands wud care about this topic in their lives unless it comes to their life..any thoughts from other sufferers to take this movement to next step

  13. Jag Baidwan said

    I am so much disturbed to see all these negative comments about the departed soul. Please leave the family alone. Donot think you are doing any good to anyone by posting your comments.
    I am amazed to the comments from a lady in surrey. I live in edmonton for 30 years and feel sorry for people who has such narrow thinking.

  14. J P Murty said

    Jasleen, Chatwalsab was ps to Mr Dhindsa UD Minister. i was as a joint secretary in the ministry. He was a wonderful young man. An upright, dignified officer with a terrific personality. I am glad that you have sorted out some silly issues. i have twin daughters of my own. Your father will be proud of you. Indeed he was a father to be proud of.

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