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LKG kids torture and assault a woman to death

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 29, 2009

This happens only in India.

What IPC? Cops set to

arrest kids for killing


SASARAM: Can Class I and LKG kids torture and assault a woman to death? Or, to be more liberal, can children of this age collude with their grown-up kin to execute a killing in their household? Indian Penal Code (IPC)’s Section 82 says: “Nothing is an offence which is done by a child under seven years of age.” But either Kaimur police have not read the rule book or they care a damn about it.

In yet another instance of sham police investigations making ridiculous conclusions in criminal cases, Chaniya Khatun, 6, and her sister Soni Khatun, 5, along with six other family members have been held guilty by police of having killed an 18-year-old woman.

With Kaimur superintendent of police P K Srivastava agreeing to the Bhabhua DSP Sanjay Kumar’s supervision note and ordering the arrest of the accused, the eight, including the two girls, are likely to be arrested “any moment now”. “I have already procured a warrant of arrest against the eight accused,” said R K Singh, station house officer of Sonhan police station.

It was the Sonhan PS which lodged an FIR in the case on September 2 this year after the court of Bhabhua chief judicial magistrate (CJM) forwarded a complaint case to it for investigation. In his complaint, filed in the CJM’s court on August 18, one Shah Mohammad of Khair village alleged that his 18-year-old daughter Akhtari Begum, who was married to one Md Tajuddin of Pawandi village in Rohtas district, was killed by her husband and in-laws on July 26 for dowry. As it happens in such cases, all the in-laws were named as accused.

On September 24, Bhabhua DSP Kumar along with the investigating officer visited Pawandi and supervised the case. He also interrogated the minor sisters and arrested the girl’s father-in-law. His supervision note concluded that the accusation appeared to be true as those named accused had tortured and assaulted Akhtari to death for dowry. Akhtari was the wife of the brother of Chaniya and Soni, who study in a primary school.

Srivastava just okayed the DSP’s findings and ordered the arrest of the accused. In case they elude police, their property will be attached, he further ordered.

Ironically, Srivastava on Monday evening told TOI: “Aisi galtiya hote rahti hai (Such mistakes keep happening)” if the children are named accused and witnesses also corroborate the accusation. When told about IPC and asked about police wisdom, he said: “We will do something about it now.”

A senior lawyer and member of the Bihar Bar Council described the police action as illegal. “Nor only does it border on incredulity, but it also reveals an insensitive face of the state police,” said Akhauri Mangala Charan Srivastav.

No this is not a one-off case of its kind. Earlier this month, this newspaper reported how an SP found the accusation true against all the members of a family in a case of kidnapping that never took place. So, all of them, including an octogenarian, were jailed for months.

In another case, an alleged murderer fooled police into arresting two innocent persons for the crime he had committed.

Taking cognizance of the two cases of “violation of rights of innocent persons by police” the State Human Rights Commission has sought a reply from director-general of police Anand Shankar.

By the way, this still does not beat the previous record of police for arresting a 57 DAYS old baby for dowry torture. See the video at

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Marriage versus prostitution

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 27, 2009

This idea came to my mind, because a reader of my blog commented that “Men marry attractive body and women marry bank balances”. (It is comment number 5 at

I went and searched for the definition of prostitution: The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money.

I searched for prostitution first, not because prostitutes interest me more than wives (if there is any difference between the two), but because I knew finding the definition of prostitution is going to be relatively easy task.

A general definition of marriage is that it is a legal and social contract between two individuals that gives legitimacy to sexual relations.

So, both serve one main purpose, the purpose of physical pleasure. Now, let us evaluate the 2 ‘professions’ on the following 3 parameters – variety, switching costs, and quality.

Parameter Marriage Prostitution
Variety Very low

Adultery is a crime for men under IPC 497, while women can do it legally. IPC 497 applies only to men.

As desired

You can go to different service providers as per your desires. You are not bound by any ‘contract’ called marriage.

Switching Costs

(Switching from one woman to the other)

Very high

In order to switch wives, you would need to divorce the first one, and divorce is an expensive affair.


There is no cost involved in switching commercial sex workers

Customer Service Quality Low

The service provider doesn’t care whether the consumer is satisfied or not, he will still have to pay for her whether he continues to use the service or not.


Repeat business is a customer’s choice.

Hence, marriage is equivalent to prostitution in the following manner:

  1. You might get sex in marriage

I am using the word ‘might’ because you can not have sex against your               spouse’s wishes. So if you are lucky, then you will get sex.

2. You are obliged to maintain the woman financially

But marriage is different from prostitution in the following:

  1. You have to pay for her irrespective of whether you get anything from her in return or not.

2. If you sleep with someone else, that is illegal.

To summarize:

Men do not even get from their wives what they get from prostitutes. Even if the wives were as good, then also marriage can at best be described as long-term prostitution unless the women of this nation start to take equal responsibilities of running the household.

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Wife’s mentally disturbed condition not enough to prove husband’s cruelty

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 27, 2009

Mumbai: A soured marriage and the resultant disturbed mental condition of a woman who committed suicide were not sufficient reasons to infer that the husband subjected her to cruelty, the Bombay high court ruled earlier this month.

Setting aside the two-year imprisonment sentence handed out to Kamalkishore Agrawal, 48, by a sessions court, the Nagpur bench of the high court held that, “though it appears that the victim and the applicant had marital discord running over a long period of time which, even according to the applicant, led to mental degradation of the victim, that in itself cannot justify the conclusion that the victim was subjected to such mental or physical cruelty by the applicant, that it drove her to death.”
Agrawal, a businessman, and Seema were married on February 24, 1992. After their marriage, “as caste and custom so permitted,” Agrawal’s adoptive parents also resided with the couple in their home in Akola. The couple had a daughter in 1993. However, since there were differences between the couple and Agrawal’s adoptive parents, they moved out of the house and started living separately from 1997.
On March 12, 1998, Seema set herself on fire and succumbed to burn injuries. A police complaint was lodged by her brother, Kailash, who had stated in his statement that Seema had written letters to him, which said that she was being subjected to cruelty in her marital home and it was not possible for her to live there any longer.
Agrawal’s counsel, however, told the court that there was no “causal connection” between the letters and Seema’s suicide as the last letter written by her was in 1996, while the incident took place in 1998. Moreover, he added, some of the letters were not addressed to Kailash and it was questionable how he was in possession of them.
The additional public prosecutor, however, said that the letters were in Seema’s handwriting and how they came into Kailash’s possession was irrelevant. She further stated that Agrawal in his defense had said that Seema had become so weak mentally that she either sent the letters to the wrong addresses or handed them over to the wrong people. “This written statement of defense categorically shows that the accused admits that the victim was mentally sick. If that was so, as a husband, it was necessary for the applicant to find out as to why his wife slipped into that stage,” the prosecution argued.
Agrawal had contended that Seema suspected she was being subjected to black magic and refused to take any medicines from him. He told the court that he was torn between his wife and his adoptive parents.
The sessions court acquitted Agrawal and his adoptive parents from the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder but convicted Agrawal under Section 498A (cruelty) of the IPC.
Justice RC Chavan, however, said, “suspicion, howsoever strong, cannot replace proof.” He said with the evidence on record it was not possible to conclusively say that the husband had treated his wife with cruelty, which led her to commit suicide and quashed the conviction and sentence handed out to Agrawal.

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Allow Daughters to take responsibility legally

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 26, 2009

Seeing the news article, Moms held for bid to swap babies, I noticed one interesting thing, “One of the women, who has two daughters, wanted a male child while the other, who has a son, wanted a girl”.

One might argue that it is such attitude that leads to “Female Feticide”, however, “Reality is seldom the same as perception”, like the perception that women are the oppressed lot and the reality that men commit more suicides.

Similarly, in the area of female feticide, it is a perception that it happens because a daughter is a burden and people tend to have sons, however, that is not the reality.

If we note carefully Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) allows parents to seek maintenance from sons only and not from daughters. Thus, no parent can legally enforce a daughter to take care of them in old age, even if the daughter wants to and the couple has no son.

It is but obvious that anyone would vouch for a son, after all, who would want a child who cannot be enforced legally to take responsibility when expected. It is not that people have some extra love for sons; it is just that the society wants a DISPOSABLE MALE to discharge all the duties and responsibilities.

If daughters are allowed to take responsibility legally, not only will the problem of female feticide be addressed effectively, men will also get “Freedom of Choices”, currently lacking in their gender role in the society.

Women’s activist, instead of suggesting effective solutions for addressing the problem of the skewed gender ratio, indulged in rhetoric and large-scale male bashing. They used the issue of skewed gender ratio as a journey to achieve the destination of biased, gender obsessed, and unconstitutional anti-male laws to castrate men and in turn led to a society where all laws are protecting women while men are committing suicides in skyrocketing numbers burdened in a society that does not accept them and only expects from them and at the same time no improvement in the skewed gender ratio as well.

It clearly tells us that women’s activists have miserable failed in their projected objective and the only way to solve the crisis is to allow women to take responsibility legally.

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Defeating Feminism Videos

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 25, 2009

Defeating feminism – Part1

Defeating feminism – Part2

Defeating feminism – Part3
Look at how at 3.55 minutes, the first blog he talks about is from India – All India Men’s welfare association 🙂

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Men, Math and Marriage

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 22, 2009

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Man in America free after 35 yrs in false rape case

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 17, 2009

Bartow, Florida (CNN) — After more than three decades in prison, a Florida man was set free Thursday after a DNA test showed he did not kidnap and rape a 9-year-old boy in 1974.

“I’m not angry,” James Bain, 54, told reporters after a brief hearing in Bartow, Florida.

Bain was 19 when he was convicted on charges of kidnapping, burglary and strong-arm rape. He received a life sentence. He’s going home for the first time in 35 years.

“I got God in my head,” said Bain, surrounded by supporters and wearing a T-shirt with “Not Guilty” across the front. “I knew one day he will reveal me.”

Of the 245 people in the United States whom DNA testing has exonerated, none has spent more time behind bars than Bain, according to the Innocence Project, a national organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through such testing.

In 2001, Florida passed a statute allowing cases to be reopened for DNA testing. Bain submitted handwritten motions four times seeking such testing but was denied each time. His fifth attempt was successful after an appeals court ruled he was entitled to a hearing.

Bain initially was expected to be freed with some conditions as the state wanted a further review of DNA test results. But the review was completed ahead of Thursday’s hearing.

Polk County State Attorney Jerry Hill told the judge that DNA testing had excluded Bain from the crime.

“He’s just not connected with this particular incident,” Hill said.

“Mr. Bain, I’m now signing the order, sir,” the judge said, referring to an order vacating the judgment and sentence.

“You are a free man. Congratulations,” he said, and the courtroom erupted into applause.

In 1974, the 9-year-old Lake Wales, Florida, victim had told police that his attacker had bushy sideburns and a mustache. After being shown five photos of potential suspects, the victim picked out one of Bain, the police report said.

The victim, now 44, lives in Florida and was made aware of Bain’s situation, according to multiple sources.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Bain said he was going home with family. “I’m going to see my mom,” he said.

His mother, Sarah Reed, has been in and out of hospitals in recent years. She said she is putting her house and her car in her son’s name. “I want him to have something by himself. He’s suffered enough,” she said.

Asked about prison, Bain said, “So many things can happen to you at any time.” But now, “I guess I kind of feel like when they first landed on the moon. We have touchdown,” he said, laughing.

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Court serves notice to woman for false evidence TOI

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 15, 2009

CHANDIGARH: Backtracking on dowry allegations in court proved costly for a woman as she got entangled in her own web of lies, following which, a show-cause notice was served to her for giving false evidence.

According to information, the Sector-25 based woman had levelled dowry charges against her 27-year-old husband, a resident of Sector 51, in May 2007.

In her police complaint, the woman alleged that soon after she got married, her husband started misbehaving and using derogatory language with her for bringing insufficient dowry.

She also alleged that she was thrashed and locked up in rooms on several occasions.

Subsequently, a case under sections 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust) and 498-A (husband or relative of a husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) of the IPC was registered against her husband on July 5, 2007.

However, the case took a new turn when during the court hearing on Monday, the complainant outright denied that she was harassed or maltreated by her husband or her in-laws.

The woman went on to state that a ‘misunderstanding’ had cropped up between the couple, due to which her relations turned sour with the in-laws, resulting in the two getting divorced.

Much to the surprise of the jury, the woman’s parents also supported her statement and denied that she was never maltreated or harassed by her husband and his family.

Shocked at the turn of events, the prosecution declared the complainant hostile, while the judicial magistrate questioned her why she shouldn’t be punished for giving false evidence in the court?

The magistrate in his judgment stated, “The complainant deliberately suppressed the truth and made afalse statement knowing it could be used in the court proceedings. This clearly amounts to perjury.”

He further said, “The complainant should be tried for giving false evidence in legal proceedings. A show-cause notice must be served to her under Section 344 of the CrPC, wherein she must explain why she should not be punished. Separate proceedings must be also initiated against her.”

Meanwhile, the court acquitted the woman’s husband by giving him the benefit of doubt.

http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/city/ chandigarh/ Court-serves- notice-to- woman-for- false-evidence/ articleshow/ 5337893.cms

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Harassed husband downs poison in police station

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 15, 2009

Says cops would not take him seriously when he told them his wife had threatened to file false case against him

A 32-year-old cab driver who claimed his wife was harassing him attempted suicide at the Vyalikaval police station by consuming poison and is said to be in a serious condition in hospital.

Krishna T, the cab driver, was rushed to KC General hospital after the attempt to take his own life.

ABSCONDING: Krishna’s wife Usha with their child. Usha is absconding since her cab driver husband was admitted to a hospital after consuming rat poison in a police station.

Dowry case threat

In his statement, Krishna told the police that his wife Usha and her family were making him go through unbearable torture and threatening to file a false case against him.

He said he had consumed poison at the police station because even the police were not sympathetic towards his plight since the time his wife had begun repeatedly threatening him with a dowry harassment case.

He said Usha harassed him everyday and doubted his character.

Krishna’s mother Eeramma (65), who later approached the police with a complaint, said Krishna had married Usha four years ago and that since then her daughter-in-law had been harassing the family.

“She wanted Krishna to live separately from us and said he should not talk to us,” she said in her complaint.

Fed up with frequent fights in the houshold, Eeramma finally decided to send the couple to a separate house, but she said Usha and her family did not cease the harassment, demanding a share in Krishna’s ancestral property.

She said Krishna finally approached the police, but was not taken seriously. Eeeramma said the police did not believe him and even misbehaved with them.

Money, mobile gone

Unable to bear this, Krishna went to the police station with a bottle of rat poison and consumed it before the police.

Eeramma said the police rushed him to the hospital — and informed Usha, who came to the hospital and went away after taking Rs 6,000 and his mobile phone.

Krishna’s mother said since then Usha had been missing, and demanded the police initiate strong action against Usha and her family.

Physical abuse

Eeeramma told MiD DAY said Krishna had been beaten by members of Usha’s family.

“The harassment is not only on her part but also that of her sister, Indrani, who has separated from her husband. Some time ago she beat up Krishna in public,” said Eeramma. “Krishna fears Usha and has to cook and clean everyday. In her four years of married life, she never once lit the stove; she likes to eat out.”
She said Usha now wanted to separate from Krishna.

“She wants separation but she also wants a share of his ancestral property,” said Eeramma. “We are frustrated with her character; along with the police she made our life hell.”

The Vyalikaval police are investigating the case, but Usha is absconded since the day Krishna took poison.

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Females run faster than males

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 14, 2009

Males as well as females think that males are physically stronger than females. I have been looking for data to substantiate that claim.

Females outlive men by 5 – 7 years everywhere in the world, so I tend to believe that females are physically superior species.

I told this to a friend but he was not convinced. He insisted that males are stronger and females are weaker. I asked him whether there is any data he can provide in support of his belief. He said – look at the 100m Olympic race, males invariably run faster than females.

I remembered that the men’s world record for 100m was somewhere around 9.5 seconds and the women’s world record was somewhere around 10.5 seconds. So, at first he seemed to be correct.

But then I decided to take a closer look, and this is what I did: I pulled gender-wise data from Wikipedia for World Athletics Records. Following table summarizes the data available.

WR stands for World Record.

WR(f) = WR time taken by a female to complete the race

WR(m) = WR time taken by a male to complete the race

Next I plotted them on a Chart, added a simple trend-line to the data points, here is what I get:

Here is my interpretation of this trend: For short distances, females on an average take 1.12 times the amount of time taken by males for the same distance, but as the distance goes on increasing the time taken by them as compared to the time taken by males goes on increasing. So much so, that the factor reduces to less than 1.06 for 100 kms race.

So, does this mean that if there were races longer than 100kms females would be beating males? Well, perhaps – Yes. Extrapolating the same trend line, we see that if there was a race of 209.5 km, females and males would have completed it in equal time. For any race longer than 209.5 km, females would be scoring a better timing as compared to males.

We all know that life is a long race, and therefore females beat men at life expectancy. They live 7 years longer to males. So next time do not think females are weak, because they are not!

Data Sources:

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