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Harassed by in-laws husband commit suicide

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on January 2, 2011

कानपुर। यूपी में एक शख्स अपनी बीवी-बच्चों की गुमशुदगी के लिए दर-दर भटकता रहा। पुलिस से कई बार गुहार लगाई लेकिन उसे हर बार उसे बेइज्जत किया गया। थक हार कर अंत में उसने नए साल पर मौत को गले लगा लिया। कानपुर का ये शख्स अपने बीवी-बच्चे के अगवा हो जाने के बाद 2 महीने तक थानों के चक्कर लगाता रहा लेकिन पुलिस ने उसकी फरियाद तक नहीं सुनी। जब दुनिया नए साल का जश्न मना रही थी तो उस शख्स ने मौत को गले लगा लिया। लेकिन मरने से पहले उसने फूट-फूटकर अपनी पूरी दास्तान कैमरे के सामने दी।


कानपुर में एक मेडिकल कंपनी में मैनेजर पुनीत ने नए साल से पहले अपनी बेटी और बीवी को खोजने का संकल्प लिया था लेकिन एक साल बाद जब उसे नाकामी हाथ लगी तो उसने अपनी जान दे दी। नए साल के पहले ही दिन पुनीत की हर उम्मीद ने उसके आंसुओं के साथ ही दम तोड़ दिया और 6 साल पुरानी उसकी प्रेम कहानी का बेहद दर्दनाक अंत हो गया।


जी हां, दरअसल 6 साल पहले पुनीत ने प्रेम विवाह किया था। शादी से उसकी पत्नी रश्मी के घरवाले बेहद खफा थे। उसे धमकियां भी दी गईं लेकिन कुछ समय बाद सब ठीक हो गया। लेकिन पुनीत को यह पता ही नहीं ता कि उस रंजिश का बदला उससे 6 साल बाद कुछ इस तरह निकाला जाएगा।


पुनीत के मुताबिक 5 अक्टूबर को उसकी पत्नी रश्मी और बेटी हर रोज की तरह स्कूल गए थे। इसके बाद वे कभी घर लौटकर नहीं आए। पुनीत का कहना है कि उन्हें उसके ससुराल वालों ने अगवा कर लिया क्योंकि घटना से कुछ दिन पहले ही उसे ससुराल के लोगों ने धमकी भरा फोन किया था। लिहाजा घबराया हुआ वो पुलिस के पास पहुंचा लेकिन वहां भी उसे बस निराशा ही हाथ लगी।


इसके बाद पुनीत के लिए हालात बद से बदतर होते चले गए। पुनीत के मुताबिक ससुराल से उसे खुलेआम धमकी दी जाने लगी। मरने से पहले कैमरे पर पुनीत यही दोहराता रहा कि उसे कहीं से मदद नहीं मिली। कानपुर पुलिस ने मदद करने की बजाय उसे जलील किया और जब वो थक गया तो थक हारकर इस पिता और पती ने खुदकुशी कर ली।

See Video at

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Drunk Iranian women kick balls of sub-inspector

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 19, 2010

Even policemen become cowards when it comes to women.

First I felt quite sick reading the story that Iranian women hit his private parts and throw him on the road etc, but now when I read it again I find it hilarious. Very good, this is what all men of this nation deserve – to be beaten by women on the road, and then say ‘forgiveness is the best revenge’ because they can’t do anything else.

Also note – the drunkard women are from Iran – one of the countries where women claim to be dominated. Wow….. what a tortured species is Iranian women – go drunk late night and beat policemen in foreign countries!

Another thing that strikes me about this incident is the fact that the policemen feared the women would have implicated him under false charges if public wasn’t around. So, misusing sexual harassment / molestation laws is a standard tool for women to get away with anything.

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LKG kids torture and assault a woman to death

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 29, 2009

This happens only in India.

What IPC? Cops set to

arrest kids for killing


SASARAM: Can Class I and LKG kids torture and assault a woman to death? Or, to be more liberal, can children of this age collude with their grown-up kin to execute a killing in their household? Indian Penal Code (IPC)’s Section 82 says: “Nothing is an offence which is done by a child under seven years of age.” But either Kaimur police have not read the rule book or they care a damn about it.

In yet another instance of sham police investigations making ridiculous conclusions in criminal cases, Chaniya Khatun, 6, and her sister Soni Khatun, 5, along with six other family members have been held guilty by police of having killed an 18-year-old woman.

With Kaimur superintendent of police P K Srivastava agreeing to the Bhabhua DSP Sanjay Kumar’s supervision note and ordering the arrest of the accused, the eight, including the two girls, are likely to be arrested “any moment now”. “I have already procured a warrant of arrest against the eight accused,” said R K Singh, station house officer of Sonhan police station.

It was the Sonhan PS which lodged an FIR in the case on September 2 this year after the court of Bhabhua chief judicial magistrate (CJM) forwarded a complaint case to it for investigation. In his complaint, filed in the CJM’s court on August 18, one Shah Mohammad of Khair village alleged that his 18-year-old daughter Akhtari Begum, who was married to one Md Tajuddin of Pawandi village in Rohtas district, was killed by her husband and in-laws on July 26 for dowry. As it happens in such cases, all the in-laws were named as accused.

On September 24, Bhabhua DSP Kumar along with the investigating officer visited Pawandi and supervised the case. He also interrogated the minor sisters and arrested the girl’s father-in-law. His supervision note concluded that the accusation appeared to be true as those named accused had tortured and assaulted Akhtari to death for dowry. Akhtari was the wife of the brother of Chaniya and Soni, who study in a primary school.

Srivastava just okayed the DSP’s findings and ordered the arrest of the accused. In case they elude police, their property will be attached, he further ordered.

Ironically, Srivastava on Monday evening told TOI: “Aisi galtiya hote rahti hai (Such mistakes keep happening)” if the children are named accused and witnesses also corroborate the accusation. When told about IPC and asked about police wisdom, he said: “We will do something about it now.”

A senior lawyer and member of the Bihar Bar Council described the police action as illegal. “Nor only does it border on incredulity, but it also reveals an insensitive face of the state police,” said Akhauri Mangala Charan Srivastav.

No this is not a one-off case of its kind. Earlier this month, this newspaper reported how an SP found the accusation true against all the members of a family in a case of kidnapping that never took place. So, all of them, including an octogenarian, were jailed for months.

In another case, an alleged murderer fooled police into arresting two innocent persons for the crime he had committed.

Taking cognizance of the two cases of “violation of rights of innocent persons by police” the State Human Rights Commission has sought a reply from director-general of police Anand Shankar.

By the way, this still does not beat the previous record of police for arresting a 57 DAYS old baby for dowry torture. See the video at

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Harassed husband downs poison in police station

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 15, 2009

Says cops would not take him seriously when he told them his wife had threatened to file false case against him

A 32-year-old cab driver who claimed his wife was harassing him attempted suicide at the Vyalikaval police station by consuming poison and is said to be in a serious condition in hospital.

Krishna T, the cab driver, was rushed to KC General hospital after the attempt to take his own life.

ABSCONDING: Krishna’s wife Usha with their child. Usha is absconding since her cab driver husband was admitted to a hospital after consuming rat poison in a police station.

Dowry case threat

In his statement, Krishna told the police that his wife Usha and her family were making him go through unbearable torture and threatening to file a false case against him.

He said he had consumed poison at the police station because even the police were not sympathetic towards his plight since the time his wife had begun repeatedly threatening him with a dowry harassment case.

He said Usha harassed him everyday and doubted his character.

Krishna’s mother Eeramma (65), who later approached the police with a complaint, said Krishna had married Usha four years ago and that since then her daughter-in-law had been harassing the family.

“She wanted Krishna to live separately from us and said he should not talk to us,” she said in her complaint.

Fed up with frequent fights in the houshold, Eeramma finally decided to send the couple to a separate house, but she said Usha and her family did not cease the harassment, demanding a share in Krishna’s ancestral property.

She said Krishna finally approached the police, but was not taken seriously. Eeeramma said the police did not believe him and even misbehaved with them.

Money, mobile gone

Unable to bear this, Krishna went to the police station with a bottle of rat poison and consumed it before the police.

Eeramma said the police rushed him to the hospital — and informed Usha, who came to the hospital and went away after taking Rs 6,000 and his mobile phone.

Krishna’s mother said since then Usha had been missing, and demanded the police initiate strong action against Usha and her family.

Physical abuse

Eeeramma told MiD DAY said Krishna had been beaten by members of Usha’s family.

“The harassment is not only on her part but also that of her sister, Indrani, who has separated from her husband. Some time ago she beat up Krishna in public,” said Eeramma. “Krishna fears Usha and has to cook and clean everyday. In her four years of married life, she never once lit the stove; she likes to eat out.”
She said Usha now wanted to separate from Krishna.

“She wants separation but she also wants a share of his ancestral property,” said Eeramma. “We are frustrated with her character; along with the police she made our life hell.”

The Vyalikaval police are investigating the case, but Usha is absconded since the day Krishna took poison.

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Orissa villagers file case for female monkey!

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 30, 2009

India has taken male torture to an altogether new height by extending the gender bias against males to animal species also:

Bhubaneshwar (Orissa), Nov 17 (ANI): In a bizarre development, residents of a village near Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, have filed a case against a male monkey for attempting to attack and kill a female monkey and its newborn.

The case was filed at a police station near the village.

Villagers said in their complaint that the male monkey- Raja had been consistently trying to attack the female monkey- Jhumri and its dear newborn at Astaranga.

Police have registered a case under three sections of the Indian Penal Code, which includes section 363 (kidnapping), 366 (abducting for slavery) and 507 (criminal intimidation by anonymous communication) and 511 (punishment for attempting to commit offences).

“If a female will place a complaint before me about her son going to be kidnapped or murdered by anyone, then a cognizable offence under section 366, 363, 507 and 511 of the Indian Penal Code will be registered. The accused and his associates would also be arrested and necessary police protection would be given,” said Jatindra Kumar Das, a police official.

According to the complaint filed before the Police, Raja had already killed its first child and was now hunting down its second baby as well. (ANI)

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A cop all over, cooks up evidence

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 21, 2009

Read about how police cooks evidence in false dowry harassment cases

Bengaluru, Nov. 20: When a city police inspector claims that he was in two different places at a given time on the same day, something seems to have gone terribly wrong.

The officer is A. Manjunath, currently serving as police inspector with city special branch. He was inspector at Yeshwanthpur police station when the incident happened in 2007.

According to the station diary, Manjunath was at the station and with an accused, writing a panchnama at the same time. On another day, he claims he was busy recording the statement of five witnesses, while his official papers say he was on leave, sanctioned by none other than his DGP!

The police also seems to have duped the court by submitting a dead man’s witness statement, which made the court even issue summons asking the deceased to be present for the hearing.

Mr R. Kumar (name changed) was accused of dowry harassment by his wife who visited the station on July 26, 2007. “She filed a complaint at 1.45 pm. Inspector Manjunath claims he visited my residence between 2 pm and four pm on the same day for panchanama. But his station diary shows he was present in the station till 4 pm”, claimed Kumar.

Again, Manjunath claims that he recorded the statements of five witnesses on July 30, 2007 including one of a doctor. “But his office files say he was in Mysore after getting two days’ leave, sanctioned by his DGP,” said Kumar.

More intriguing is the fact that one of the witnesses had died the previous day on July 29, after he spent more than 10 hours in coma. So how did the inspector took his statement?

According to R. Kumar, the trouble begun soon after his wife filed the dowry harassment complaint. “Just one month after our marriage, I realised that my wife was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. On questioning her, she admitted to a premarital affair with another man” he said.

Later, she returned to her parents after a gynaecologist advised her treatment. “We mutually decided to go for a divorce and approached the family court in 2005. But I was shocked when she filed a dowry harassment complaint against me” said 32-year-old Kumar, a private company employee.

He also alleged that Manjunath not only detained him illegally for a day, but pestered him to shell out money to ‘settle the issue’.

“Dejected over the false allegations, my 62-year-old father attempted suicide by consuming poison. Instead of showing some mercy, the Yeshwanthapur police even threatened to arrest me”, says Kumar, who later approached Lokayukta with all the documents, which he obtained with the help of RTI. According to Kumar, Lokayukta asked the police officer about obtaining a dead man’s statement on which Manjunath claimed he took his statement on July 29, 2007, hours before he died. “Again his office records say he was on bundobust duty following a strike by KSRTC employees” said Kumar.

The investigating police officials have erred right from the FIR to the witness statement” claimed Kumar.

When contacted, Manjunath said the confusion over the date was because of a technical and manual error. “The computer operator wrongly entered the date as July 30 instead of July 29. In a hurry, I signed a letter dated July 30,” he said. He however refused to comment further on the issue.

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Police officer set on fire by wife

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 21, 2009

ASI set on fire by wife on Int’l Men’s Day

Wife burns the husband and husband sustains 85% burns, and the police is investigating the matter. We all know what happens when the wife just says ‘my husband has hit me’!
A quarrel over a petty issue took an ugly turn when an enraged wife set her husband, a police officer, on fire here, police said on Thursday.
The victim, 52-year-old assistant sub-inspector Balwant Pawar, sustained 85 per cent burns and is admitted to Government Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad. Ironically, the incident took place on International Men’s Day.
According to police, Pawar had a tiff with his wife over some petty issue on Wednesday night when he returned home. Irked over this, she poured kerosene over him and set him on fire, they said.
Pawar was working with the MIDC Cidco police station. The Begampura police have registered a case and are investigating further.

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Police inspector commits suicide bec of wife torture

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 21, 2009

PSI shoots himself dead with service revolver

NOTICE THE BIAS: It is known that the suicide happened because of the torture from wife, and the police is still probing the matter further. If it was a wife who died for any reason, her husband would have been arrested automatically!
AMRAVATI: A police sub inspector, presently posted at Akola Control Room, shot himself with his service revolver in the wee hours of Thursday at Amravati.
According to information from the police department, the deceased PSI has been identified as Amol Datir (42), a resident of Jagriti Colony in Amravati. He had been posted to Akola Control Room some time back. PSI Datir was an intelligent officer, his fellow officers have said. He had completed his MSc and then passed the MPSC exam in the first attempt in 1995.
On Wednesday night, at around 1.50am, Datir shot himself with his service revolver and died on the spot. Sources said that he had a dispute with his wife, who had lodged a complaint against him in 2006 at Akola police station. After this complaint, offences had been registered against PSI Datir under 498 section of IPC. It is also learnt that his wife had filed a case against him and demanded alimony from him. The hearing in this case was scheduled on Thursday.
Datir had been under tremendous tension after his wife lodged the complaint against him, as she had also levelled allegations against Datir’s family members also. Sources also said that Datir had been suffering from peptic ulcer since many days and had been on leave for the last three months. It is conjectured that Datir took the extreme step due to tremendous pressure on him.
Gadge Nagar police have registered offences under relevant sections of IPC and are probing the matter further.

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