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Married men more prone to suicide: Study

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 27, 2010

Married men more prone to suicide: Study

February 27th, 2010

It’s not just women who go through trauma as a result of bad marriages. Men suffer just as much, but silently. Recent data made public by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) points out that one married man in India is committing suicide every nine minutes. According to the survey, the cause may vary from personal problems and marital issues to economic pressures. It’s clear that many men are agonising internally over failed marriages.

Psychologist Sridevi S says it’s because men are not as expressive as women and bottle their feelings. “Women have been nurtured from the time they are young into believing that they can surmount problems. But on the other hand men are told not to cry and express emotions in public, so they suppress all their troubles until it overwhelms them and they feel they can’t take it any more.” She continues, “The sudden increase in suicidal tendencies among men is also because earlier women took care of all the family issues, but today, both husband and wife are working, they deal with it together. So men find it difficult to balance home as well as work.” The survey points out that compared to women, men are a greater suicide risk, with a male-female ratio of 64:36.

Suresh Ram, Convener, Save Indian Family movement, TN, says that this could be the result of pro-women Indian laws. “There are several laws in our country which protect women, while men have no such protection. Often women take advantage of it. There is this stereotype attached to men, that they should not cry or express their depression. Why is it,” he questions, “that when a man commits suicide he is called coward, while when a woman does so, they say she is driven to it-” he asks.

Actor Srikanth says,”Being a married man could be a little stressful today, but you must understand that there is a woman in your life who is also going through the same.”

http://www.deccanch tabloids/ married-men- more-prone- suicide-study- 634

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A man’s rights in India

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 25, 2010

















All the rights that a man has in India are listed above.

Can’t see anything? That is because there are no rights for men in India.

Only women have rights and these rights have been given to them by men only.

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It’s a man’s world

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 23, 2010

Time and again, I have heard that it is a man’s world.

A man is murdered every 19 minutes as opposed to a woman every 66 minutes. The number of men committing suicide is twice the number of women committing suicide. At home, men are twice as likely to be driven to commit suicide as compared to women. Outside home, men are getting murdered three times as compared to women.

82% of the taxes collected by the Government are contributed by men and Rupees 11,400 Crore is spent annually on women’s welfare. Not even a single rupee has been spent on men’s welfare in the last 60 years the country has been independent. There is a ministry for women and a ministry for children. There are protection laws for almost everyone and everything – including women, soil, animals, fisheries, forest etc. The only entity inconspicuously missing from the large list is men.

Talking about protection, even the domestic violence laws of the nation are gender biased. Only a woman can seek relief from the court under the recently enacted domestic violence act.

On the complaint of women, even 2 month babies have been arrested by the police for causing extreme mental harassment to women.

In the court of law, men are presumed to be guilty unless proven innocent. And given the abysmally slow pace of legal proceedings, it takes decades before a man can prove his innocence.

Adultery is a crime for men while women can legally do it. What is more interesting is the fact that women can now claim alimony from their illicit partner as well. By the way, unlike countries like USA where alimony is only for long lasting marriages and for a specific period of time, in India women are entitled to life-long alimony payments even if the marriage lasted 1 day.

Indian courts, including the Supreme Court of India, routinely forgive women for contempt of court and perjury because of their gender.

Any un-natural death of a woman within 7 years of marriage sends her husband to jail automatically. The most common cause of an un-natural death is suicide; and we already discussed that men are twice as likely to commit suicide as compared to women.

1.12 males are born to every female. The ratio declines to 1.10 by the age of 15; to 1.06 in the age group 15 – 64; and 0.90 for the age group 65 and above. This seems to imply that girls are either genetically superior to boys OR they are protected and men are made to do all the hazardous tasks.

As a matter of fact, worldwide women live on an average 5 – 7 years longer as compared to men. Still, the importance given to women’s health is many times more as compared to men’s health.

Talking about women’s issue is in vogue but people ridicule when a person talks about men’s issues. Hence there are hardly any opinion articles written about men. I personally spoke to an editor of a well known Indian national newspaper and he said “I agree with you in principle but I will not be able to publish any of your views. They are anti-women and the women will sit outside my home on a hunger strike”.

So, people are scared of women, and perhaps because of valid reasons. Last year, women activists forced their way into a High Court and broke the wooden chair on which the judge used to sit because he delivered a judgment in the favor of a husband in a matrimonial dispute.

Talking about the courts, a few months back a Supreme Court judge, while deciding on a matrimonial dispute, clearly told the man “Do as your wife tells you. If she says look this side then you look this side. If she says look that side then look that side. We all have suffered”.

The president of India is a woman and the most powerful politician in the country is also a woman. And still they say it is a man’s world!

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One married man commits suicide every 9 min

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 22, 2010

Family problems, illness, love affairs, bankruptcy identified as top causes.

We need a Men’s welfare Ministry since theres no avenue to safe guard a Man’s rights presently, the society is conditioned to ignore and ridicule Men’s issues. Men’s issues are listed below for reader’s reference.

Men and boys are always expected to be and conditioned to become protectors and providers, and also routinely portrayed as

* Oppressors, aggressors, wife-beaters, dowry-seekers, bride-burners, sexual perverts, pimps, cheats, criminals, murderers, rapists, drug-peddlers, terrorists, etc. who ought to be restrained through inhuman, draconian laws;

* Idiots, pathetic, uncouth and inferior creatures who are constantly in need of rescue by their “superior” wives, girlfriends or female relatives who are set to overhaul them;

Read more at http://aimwa. in/about/ aimwa-charter

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Are guys more ‘physical’ than girls?

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 20, 2010

Today, we had an office weekend picnic. Friends and families of employees were also invited. In between the younger crowd the discussion quite often drifts to romance and affair.

I witnessed this healthy discussion about the physical needs of boys versus girls. The girls were arguing that guys often need girls only for their physical needs. The boys had their share of beliefs.

There is one opinion that really caught my attention. A guy mentioned the following:

“I need physical as well as emotional love. Girls are so manipulative that it is impossible to trust them. Today she is with me and tomorrow she will be with someone else. We enter into any human alliance because we want to gain something. Emotional aspects of a human association mean more to me, but those can be proven only over a period of time. Girls are either fickle minded or they have a tendency to keep switching partners, hence I concentrate on physical aspects in the beginning of a relationship.

Emotional aspects materialize only over a period of time. Girls are usually not stable. A relationship costs time, money, emotions and I do not wish to be taken for a ride for several months without gaining anything out of it.”

Most people weren’t very pleased with this attitude, but them most of the world is feminist – who pamper women.

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Drunk Iranian women kick balls of sub-inspector

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 19, 2010

Even policemen become cowards when it comes to women.

First I felt quite sick reading the story that Iranian women hit his private parts and throw him on the road etc, but now when I read it again I find it hilarious. Very good, this is what all men of this nation deserve – to be beaten by women on the road, and then say ‘forgiveness is the best revenge’ because they can’t do anything else.

Also note – the drunkard women are from Iran – one of the countries where women claim to be dominated. Wow….. what a tortured species is Iranian women – go drunk late night and beat policemen in foreign countries!

Another thing that strikes me about this incident is the fact that the policemen feared the women would have implicated him under false charges if public wasn’t around. So, misusing sexual harassment / molestation laws is a standard tool for women to get away with anything.

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Women empowerment project successful

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 18, 2010

Hello WCD, NCW and other feminists,

Looks like your Women Empowerment project is successful.

http://epaper. Details.aspx? id=383438& boxid=29635926

Translated version:Alleging that “We are given sleeping pills to make us
sleep so that she can enjoy her carnal pleasures. She continues illicit
relationship with others when our father is not at home. When told to mend
her behaviour, she, alongwith our father, necked us out. Save us from the
attrocities of our mother,” 3 children knocked the SHRC. K.Sravani(11) ,
K.Vani(9) & K.Renuka(7) from RTC Colony, Guntur complained to the
commission. And mentioned in the complaint that “Our father Chandrasekhar
works as Home Guard in Donakonda Police Station. Mom works as sweeper in a bank there. When our father is away on night duty, many people would visit
our house. When asked as to why she is doing so in front of the kids, she
threatened to kill us. Joining hands with father, she necked us out. We fear
that she & her paramour would kill us. She caused harm to our grandfather
who gave shelter to us. Save us from her and admit us in a school.”

Sakshi, Hyderabad city edition, Page 6.

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Spent a lot on wedding? Show us proof: Court

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 16, 2010

Planning a lavish wedding? Just keep the tax-returns ready. A city court judge has asked a woman and her parents to disclose their source of money for arranging a wedding that reportedly cost them Rs 60 lakh, on Saturday. Moreover, the court refused to register a criminal case against the groom for accepting dowry in the absence of these financial proofs.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Rakesh Pandit said “Huge claims are made regarding giving of dowry which are sometimes are astronomical in nature as far as the financial condition of parents are concerned”.

Laviral Kalra (name changed) a resident of Anand Vihar, East Delhi got married to Pooja (name changed) in December 2008. Pooja alleged that her father, a property dealer spent Rs 60 lakh on her wedding, and also gifted a Maruti SX4 car to the groom.

Counsel for Laviral (who wished to remain unidentified) said, “The girl and her parents have not produced any financial documents to support their claims”. The court upheld his argument, and the judge said, “In these circumstances it is very difficult to ascertain whether this much amount was ever spent or any alleged demands were raised.”

The court noted that in matrimonial offences, it is essential to identify the source of money of parents who claim to host an expensive wedding. Pooja’s counsel argued that her parents literally “bowed to Laviral and his family’s wishes”, and the court should order criminal proceedings against him.

In the absence of financial returns or any other documents, the court dismissed Pooja’s counsel’s plea for registration of an FIR against Laviral and his family members.
http://www.hindusta rssfeed/newdelhi /Spent-a- lot-on-wedding- Show-us-proof- Court/Article1- 506462.aspx

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I am a man and I am not a wife beater

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 13, 2010

Open letter to the Hon’ble President of India Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil,

I am a man and I am not a wife beater.

I come from a country where women are respected, from a country where women are given a higher status as comapred to men in every walk of life. When I was born, my mother recieved gifts, when I got married my wife recieved gifts. When I die also, some women  will get my life insurance (because every man is likely to die 7 years younger than his female counterpart).

I come from a country where during marriage vows, one of the promises I was asked to made in front of fire was that ‘I will never eat before my wife does’ and I always kept my word.

I come from a country where the president is a woman and the most influential politician is also a woman.

I come from a country where we always write ‘Mrs and Mr Xyz’ rather “than Mr & Mrs.”. I come from a country were we always say ‘Sita Ram’ in stead of ‘Ram Sita” (and Radha Shyam in stead of Shyam Radha”).

I come from a country where all the big wars have happened because of women (The wars of Ramayana and Mahabharata). I come from a country where women have a lot of choices. They choose whether to use their maiden surname or their husband’s surname. They choose whether to work or not.

I come from a country where 50 men stop to help if a women’s scooty is given starting problems. I come from a country where men would offer their seat in a public bus to a lady.

All in all, I come from a country where men have protected and provided for women since times immemorial.

Then why is it that in my country, as soon as there is a problem between a man and a woman, the common man assumes that it was the man’s fault?

Why is it that in my country, the sole custody of the child is always given to the mother?

Why is it that in my country, that women are never punished for perjury?

Why is it that in my country, that there is no men’s welfare ministry?

Why is it that in my country, that beating men is considered doing justice, and a man is thrown out of his house even for raising his voice against his wife?

Why is it that in my country, that the man is always presumed to be guilty unless he proves himself to be innocent.

Smt President – I am a man and I am not a wife beater.

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Blame judges for 3 crore pending cases

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 12, 2010

NEW DELHI: A Delhi high court judge has blamed his colleagues for the
“culture of adjournment” that often prolongs cases for years.

Rueing the “latitude shown by the high court” to lawyers who plead for
adjournments, justice S N Dhingra said: “*It appears as if there is an
understanding between the courts and advocates *that come what may the
orders of trial courts refusing adjournments shall be set aside on mercy
pleas and one more opportunity shall be granted.”

*Claiming that courts often grant adjournments on “frivolous grounds”,
Dhingra said: “A separate breed of advocates has cropped up who are experts
in pleading for adjournments and dragging cases. This culture has to be
brought to an end,”* the HC noted, while upholding a order passed by a
guardianship court in a child custody dispute between a couple. The court
refused to adjourn the case when the *woman’s lawyer claimed that he had
left the case files in his car which was stolen 11 days ago. *

The last line shows the cute argument by the lawyer!  If you think that a
lawyer will not lie about his car being stolen, maybe you need an education
in what lawyers in India can get away with.  In BMW case, the
‘well-respected’ defence lawyers who influenced a key witness and were
caught in a sting operation were fined a mere Rs 2,000 by the bar council
and were not allowed to take cases for 2 months.  Long live bar councils!  I
am not saying that, lawyers are.

The HC agreed with the decision of the lower court to proceed with the
hearing and close cross examination of witnesses, despite protests by the
advocate of the child’s mother. “*Adjournments are sought in the name of
strikes, elections, personal difficulties of the senior or briefing counsels
or because two counsels agree to an adjournment*…

Did you read the last part… *two counsels agree to an adjournment… *so now
if you have a doubt how come your case drags on for so long, don’t just
blame other party’s lawyer; it could well be your own lawyer is a willing
party to this *adjournment game at your expense*.

This whole culture of adjournment is a major reasons why a *case or a
petition, which should be decided in two or three hearings, is disposed of
in more than 100 hearings,” *the HC noted while dismissing the appeal filed
by the child’s mother against the lower court’s order.

This is a damning indictment of judiciary and judges.  On one hand, prime
minister, law minister, and chief justice rue about 3 crore plus cases
pending in courts; but if a case is dragged from 3 hearings to more than
100, even god in his next avatar cannot reclaim the judiciary from sinking
*Since lawyers do their job in representing their clients, the majority of
blame lies with judges in granting adjournments at the drop of a hat.*

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