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Read on to know what happens to men who marry in India

Love, Marriage & Sex in the city-498A

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 2, 2011


3 Responses to “Love, Marriage & Sex in the city-498A”

  1. pran said

    The draconian law as jeopardised the lives of men throughout the country and has caused unsaid misery to several thousand families.

  2. Cooltech said

    Dear Sir,

    Is there better protection against this malaise under Islamic or Christian law in India?
    I may want to convert to safer religion before marriage to avoid 498a and seek protection under Shariah. Pls guide or offer your opinion. Also curious to know why there are no more posts after feb 2011, Have you found peace and closure? Or still fighting?


    • iluvshrutiverma said

      498a is not religion specific so conversion does not help.

      Peace and closure are not related – I was at peace after the initial few months of anxiety. When I was struck with 498a etc, I did not know anything about this stuff. Once I understood how things work, life has been very comfortable. Some of my cases are still going on.

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