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Daughter in law robs inlaws of 51 lacs

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 31, 2010

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Husband finds solution to false 498a

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 31, 2010

Husband finds better solution to false 498a – kills four of wife’s family

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Balm for men

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 25, 2010

ASK someone about the problems of women, and a list would emerge that would never seem to end. Ask about men’s problems, and you see only blank faces. Does that mean that men do not have any problem? Or is it that there is no awareness amongst the general public? Or is it just that men are simply taken for granted? If Uma Challa had her way, she would strive to bring in changes.

The All-India Men’s Welfare Association wants laws to be enacted to protect men from harassment

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Wife and in-laws get 5 yrs prison

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 6, 2010

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