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Actress admits her dowry harassment allegations were false

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on September 23, 2010

Kolkata, Sept 23 (IBNS): Tollywood actress Swastika Mukherjee has confessed in a media conference that the dowry harassment allegations she made against her estranged husband were false, apparently bringing a closure to an episode that has been playing out amidst full media glare for ten years.

“I was young, I did not have enough sense back then and I did what my family, friends and peers advised me to do,” is how Swastika on Wednesday chose to explain why she falsely accused her husband singer Promit Sen of “subjecting her to cruelty” and “criminal breach of trust”.

Swastika’s shocking but predictable confession comes a day after she apparently submitted an affidavit at a city court admitting that the charges she made against her husband and her in-laws under Indian Penal Code 498A and 406 were “unfounded, false, baseless and speculative”.

Swastika and Promit, the youngest son of renowned Rabindrasangeet exponent Sagar Sen, were married in June 1998, when the actress was just 18. “Things started to go wrong around two years later when like a bolt from the blue my brother, our family and even me, who all lived in different places, were charged by her for dowry related crimes,” said Pritam Sen, Promit’s elder brother, who also attended the press conference.

“We went through hell for the past ten years. So many arrest warrants, all the expenses and the defamation aside, my brother is never going to get back the last ten years. He’s totally mentally devastated,” he added.

Though divorce was reportedly filed by Swastika in 2001, the cases are still under legal red tape.

Pritam said recently Swastika had issued a press release which after being published in the media made it seem as if the two parties had reached a compromise and were heading for divorce which was definitely not the case.

Hence Wednesday’s press conference was called by the actress “to come clean”. “I am deeply sorry for all that Promit and his family has had to go through. I hope he can move on,” said Swastika. “As far as the custody of our daughter Anwesha is concerned, lets see what plays out. She’s a ten-year-old girl and she too has a say in this,” she said.

When asked what drove her to suddenly make such an effort, she replied that it was not out of any pressure but just a “realisation”.

Sources, however, say this might be just a coup to get the divorce the 30-year-old actress, who is known for her ‘who cares’ attitude and has not exactly had the smoothest relationships over past few years, has been after for quite some time.

Pritam, however, said he and his family were pleased at Swastika’s confession.

He said, “I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’s see what this leads to. But we’ll not accept anything but a genuine apology.”

The Sen family is apparently not mulling pressing charges on the actress since they are “not vindictive people”, said Pritam.

The confession, apart from sending gossip mills in overdrive, also sheds light on the Indian Penal Code which leaves the door for such a heavy-handed charge wide open for misuse.

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Husband finds solution to false 498a

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 31, 2010

Husband finds better solution to false 498a – kills four of wife’s family

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Man in America free after 35 yrs in false rape case

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 17, 2009

Bartow, Florida (CNN) — After more than three decades in prison, a Florida man was set free Thursday after a DNA test showed he did not kidnap and rape a 9-year-old boy in 1974.

“I’m not angry,” James Bain, 54, told reporters after a brief hearing in Bartow, Florida.

Bain was 19 when he was convicted on charges of kidnapping, burglary and strong-arm rape. He received a life sentence. He’s going home for the first time in 35 years.

“I got God in my head,” said Bain, surrounded by supporters and wearing a T-shirt with “Not Guilty” across the front. “I knew one day he will reveal me.”

Of the 245 people in the United States whom DNA testing has exonerated, none has spent more time behind bars than Bain, according to the Innocence Project, a national organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through such testing.

In 2001, Florida passed a statute allowing cases to be reopened for DNA testing. Bain submitted handwritten motions four times seeking such testing but was denied each time. His fifth attempt was successful after an appeals court ruled he was entitled to a hearing.

Bain initially was expected to be freed with some conditions as the state wanted a further review of DNA test results. But the review was completed ahead of Thursday’s hearing.

Polk County State Attorney Jerry Hill told the judge that DNA testing had excluded Bain from the crime.

“He’s just not connected with this particular incident,” Hill said.

“Mr. Bain, I’m now signing the order, sir,” the judge said, referring to an order vacating the judgment and sentence.

“You are a free man. Congratulations,” he said, and the courtroom erupted into applause.

In 1974, the 9-year-old Lake Wales, Florida, victim had told police that his attacker had bushy sideburns and a mustache. After being shown five photos of potential suspects, the victim picked out one of Bain, the police report said.

The victim, now 44, lives in Florida and was made aware of Bain’s situation, according to multiple sources.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Bain said he was going home with family. “I’m going to see my mom,” he said.

His mother, Sarah Reed, has been in and out of hospitals in recent years. She said she is putting her house and her car in her son’s name. “I want him to have something by himself. He’s suffered enough,” she said.

Asked about prison, Bain said, “So many things can happen to you at any time.” But now, “I guess I kind of feel like when they first landed on the moon. We have touchdown,” he said, laughing.

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Court serves notice to woman for false evidence TOI

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 15, 2009

CHANDIGARH: Backtracking on dowry allegations in court proved costly for a woman as she got entangled in her own web of lies, following which, a show-cause notice was served to her for giving false evidence.

According to information, the Sector-25 based woman had levelled dowry charges against her 27-year-old husband, a resident of Sector 51, in May 2007.

In her police complaint, the woman alleged that soon after she got married, her husband started misbehaving and using derogatory language with her for bringing insufficient dowry.

She also alleged that she was thrashed and locked up in rooms on several occasions.

Subsequently, a case under sections 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust) and 498-A (husband or relative of a husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) of the IPC was registered against her husband on July 5, 2007.

However, the case took a new turn when during the court hearing on Monday, the complainant outright denied that she was harassed or maltreated by her husband or her in-laws.

The woman went on to state that a ‘misunderstanding’ had cropped up between the couple, due to which her relations turned sour with the in-laws, resulting in the two getting divorced.

Much to the surprise of the jury, the woman’s parents also supported her statement and denied that she was never maltreated or harassed by her husband and his family.

Shocked at the turn of events, the prosecution declared the complainant hostile, while the judicial magistrate questioned her why she shouldn’t be punished for giving false evidence in the court?

The magistrate in his judgment stated, “The complainant deliberately suppressed the truth and made afalse statement knowing it could be used in the court proceedings. This clearly amounts to perjury.”

He further said, “The complainant should be tried for giving false evidence in legal proceedings. A show-cause notice must be served to her under Section 344 of the CrPC, wherein she must explain why she should not be punished. Separate proceedings must be also initiated against her.”

Meanwhile, the court acquitted the woman’s husband by giving him the benefit of doubt.

http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/city/ chandigarh/ Court-serves- notice-to- woman-for- false-evidence/ articleshow/ 5337893.cms

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Man in America spent 3 yr in jail on false rape complaint

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 11, 2009


NEW YORK — A New Jersey woman whose false story about a gang rape sent an innocent man to prison has pleaded guilty to perjury.

Biurny Peguero (BEE’-ur-nee pay-GEHR’-oh) told police she was kidnapped and raped at knifepoint in 2005 by three men, including William McCaffrey.

McCaffrey was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He served three years before Peguero admitted this spring she had lied. New tests showed DNA from a bite on her arm wasn’t from McCaffrey, and he was released in August.

Peguero pleaded guilty Monday in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. The married mother of two from Union City, N.J., faces a maximum seven years in prison when she’s sentenced in February.

She told authorities she lied because her friends weren’t sympathetic after her encounter with men who had frightened but not attacked her.

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A cop all over, cooks up evidence

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 21, 2009

Read about how police cooks evidence in false dowry harassment cases

Bengaluru, Nov. 20: When a city police inspector claims that he was in two different places at a given time on the same day, something seems to have gone terribly wrong.

The officer is A. Manjunath, currently serving as police inspector with city special branch. He was inspector at Yeshwanthpur police station when the incident happened in 2007.

According to the station diary, Manjunath was at the station and with an accused, writing a panchnama at the same time. On another day, he claims he was busy recording the statement of five witnesses, while his official papers say he was on leave, sanctioned by none other than his DGP!

The police also seems to have duped the court by submitting a dead man’s witness statement, which made the court even issue summons asking the deceased to be present for the hearing.

Mr R. Kumar (name changed) was accused of dowry harassment by his wife who visited the station on July 26, 2007. “She filed a complaint at 1.45 pm. Inspector Manjunath claims he visited my residence between 2 pm and four pm on the same day for panchanama. But his station diary shows he was present in the station till 4 pm”, claimed Kumar.

Again, Manjunath claims that he recorded the statements of five witnesses on July 30, 2007 including one of a doctor. “But his office files say he was in Mysore after getting two days’ leave, sanctioned by his DGP,” said Kumar.

More intriguing is the fact that one of the witnesses had died the previous day on July 29, after he spent more than 10 hours in coma. So how did the inspector took his statement?

According to R. Kumar, the trouble begun soon after his wife filed the dowry harassment complaint. “Just one month after our marriage, I realised that my wife was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. On questioning her, she admitted to a premarital affair with another man” he said.

Later, she returned to her parents after a gynaecologist advised her treatment. “We mutually decided to go for a divorce and approached the family court in 2005. But I was shocked when she filed a dowry harassment complaint against me” said 32-year-old Kumar, a private company employee.

He also alleged that Manjunath not only detained him illegally for a day, but pestered him to shell out money to ‘settle the issue’.

“Dejected over the false allegations, my 62-year-old father attempted suicide by consuming poison. Instead of showing some mercy, the Yeshwanthapur police even threatened to arrest me”, says Kumar, who later approached Lokayukta with all the documents, which he obtained with the help of RTI. According to Kumar, Lokayukta asked the police officer about obtaining a dead man’s statement on which Manjunath claimed he took his statement on July 29, 2007, hours before he died. “Again his office records say he was on bundobust duty following a strike by KSRTC employees” said Kumar.

The investigating police officials have erred right from the FIR to the witness statement” claimed Kumar.

When contacted, Manjunath said the confusion over the date was because of a technical and manual error. “The computer operator wrongly entered the date as July 30 instead of July 29. In a hurry, I signed a letter dated July 30,” he said. He however refused to comment further on the issue.

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Women make money by threatening false cases

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on October 16, 2008

NEW DELHI: Two women were arrested in the national capital for allegedly extorting Rs 100 from a man after threatening to implicate him in a rape case, police said on Friday.

The women were caught following a complaint filed by one Nishant Gaur, a resident of Mansarovar Park, that he was threatened by three women who took the money from him.

The incident took place when Gaur stopped his motorcycle at Netaji Nagar on September 24, police said, adding that suddenly three women appeared on the scene and one of them sat on his vehicle. While the second woman stood in front of the vehicle, the third took the keys and demanded money threatening that they would raise alarm and implicate him in a rape case, they said.

Gaur gave Rs 100 and drove away from the scene to police station where he registered a complaint.

A police team accompanied Gaur to the spot and after sometime they found the women standing near the Netaji Nagar round-about waiting for another prey. After Gaur identified them, police managed to catch two.

A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

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