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Old woman seduces teenager before accusing him of rape

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 14, 2008

The old woman was seducing a teenager and meanwhile her son returned. She was embarrassed and in order to cover up her lust, she accused to poor teenager of rape. But look at how the media portrays the incident:

BANGALORE: A 16-year-old boy allegedly raped a 54-year-old woman when she was alone in a farmhouse in Yelahanka, where she worked as a labourer.

The woman was working on the farm, belonging to Rajanna, and her son worked in a private factory nearby. On Tuesday, the woman’s son had purchased a bird from a vendor, Kumar, and paid him Rs 10. He had asked Kumar to collect the remaining Rs 10 on Wednesday.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kumar went to collect the money, when the woman was alone. She asked Kumar to come later. Realizing there was no one in the house, Kumar closed the door and raped her. Police are on the look-out for Kumar, who is absconding.

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Husband kills wife to marry lover

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 14, 2008

Getting divorce in India is so difficult that people prefer to kill their spouse rather than go to the court seeking divorce.

My wife did not kill me because she wanted to live off my money for the rest of her life (seeking monthly maintenance from me/ settlement money to quash criminal cases etc), otherwise she would have surely killed me.

BANGALORE: A software engineer, who “murdered” his wife in order to marry another woman, has been arrested, a top police official said here today.

Manoj Kumar was nabbed yesterday for the cold-blooded murder of his wife Lakshmi,also a software engineer, on November 7, Police Commissioner, Bangalore city,Shankar Bidari told reporters.

“All gold ornaments which the accused had removed from his wife’s body, Rs 30,000 cash and the iron-rod used to hit her on the head, which had been hidden in a bush by Kumar has been recovered”, he said.

Investigations revealed that though Kumar left for work in the morning, he went back home in the afternoon on the day the murder was committed.

When he was questioned, Kumar, who had lodged the complaint about the murder, said he was “not happy with Lakshmi whom he married under pressure from his parents and wanted to get rid of her and marry his
lover, a married woman who had sought divorce from her husband”, the police official said.

He had removed the ornaments to make it appear as a murder for gain, Bidari said.

The murder comes close on the heels of a triple murder committed by a retired Air Force Sergeant, D S Yadav in the city recently, police said.
http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/Cities/ Bangalore_ man_held_ for_wifes_murder/articleshow /3713696. cms

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It’s a man’s world?

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 14, 2008

Discrimination against males starts even before they are born and still the world is fooled into believing that it’s a man’s world!

According to Indian law, aborting a male child is not a crime but aborting a female child is. So killing a male child even before he is born is allowed but one can be jailed for killing a female child. And then they claim that its a man’s world…

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Woman judge files dowry case after husband’s death

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 13, 2008

May be the case is filed because the lady judge wanted to get all the property from her in-laws name transferred to her name!

She says her in-laws have been harassing her since a year! Firstly, it’s not believable that the harassment starts after 13 yrs of marriage and that too after husband’s death.

Secondly, her husband died last year, she is not required to stay with in-laws, she can just leave if she wants, but she wants to rob them off of all the property that they have before leaving, hence the dowry case.

Katni, (MP), October 23: A woman judge has lodged a complaint against her in-laws alleging dowry harassment and demands for Rs one crore, police said on Thursday. Madhuri Raj Lal is posted as Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) in the district court in Katni.

In her complaint to the Madhav Nagar Police Station, she alleged that her in-laws were harrassing her and her parents since a year for bringing Rs one crore as dowry, the police station incharge Manbharan Prajapati told reporters.

The judge got married in the year 1994 to a doctor N R Lal. However, he passed away last year.

The complaint was lodged against father-in-law H K Lal, mother-in-law Nirvati Lal and brother-in-law Bhavesh Lal, police said. A case under various sections of the Dowry Act was registered against them, police said adding the accused persons are absconding and further probe is on.

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FIR filed 1 month after incident is too late: Supreme court

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 9, 2008

Convicting a person on basis of belated FIR dangerous: SC; New Delhi | Saturday, Nov 8 2008 IST

In a significant ruling, the Supreme court has held that it is unsafe to convict a person on the basis of an FIR lodged belatedly without explaining the delay. A bench comprising Justices C K Thakker and D K Jain upheld the judgement of the Andhra Pradesh High Court dated April 12, 2006, acquitting her husband in a case of dowry harassment.

The apex court observed, ”We are convinced that in the light of the overall evidence analysed by the High Court, the order of the acquittal of the respondent is well merited and does not call for interference, particularly when the FIR was lodged by the complainant more than one month after the alleged incident of forcible poisoning.” ”Time and again, the object and importance of prompt lodging of FIR has been highlighted. Delay in lodging the report more often than not, results in embellishment and exaggeration, which is a creature of an afterthought,” the apex court noted.

”A delayed report not only gets bereft of the advantage of spontaneity, the danger of the introduction of coloured version, exaggerated account of the incident or a concocted story as a result of deliberations and consultations, also creeps in, casting a serios doubt on its veracity,” it said. ”Therefore, it is essential that the delay in lodging the report should be satisfactorily explained,” the court added. In the present case, three members of in-laws’ family were acquiitted by the trial court but husband M Madhusudan Rao was sentenced to one-year imprisonment with a fine of Rs 8000. The High Court, however, acquitted the husband also. The SC dismised the appeal of the AP government.

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Longest running Court Case, India: 175 yrs

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 9, 2008

175 years later, West Bengal case goes on and on
9 Nov 2008, 0445 hrs IST, Neelam Raaj, TNN

KOLKATA: The wheels of Indian justice grind slowly, but there are times when they don’t move at all — as has happened with the record-breaking case of an erstwhile Bengali royal family’s proverty. The matter,
which is now in the Calcutta High Court, has been pending for 175 years, making it perhaps the country’s longest-running case.

The property belonged to Raja Rajkrishna Deb, a 17th-century landlord of Bengal’s Shovabazar royal family. Now, the Raja’s descendents — some 200 of them — are demanding it.

The stakes are high — some seven mansions in north Kolkata, nearly 100,000 acres of land in what is now Bangladesh, large tracts of land in at least three districts of West Bengal, and half of erstwhile Sutanati, one of the three villages that make up modern Kolkata.

But all this is still in the hands of a court-appointed receiver. “We are kings in name only. There is no money even to take care of the temples and do puja,” a descendent of the raja told TOI. Incidentally, the Shovabazar Durga Puja is an institution in Kolkata.

The problems began when Raja Rajkrishna Deb died in 1823, bequeathing his estate to his seven surviving sons. But the sons started selling off property to fund their luxurious lifestyles.

The matter first came to court in 1833, when an executor of Rajkrishna Deb’s will lodged a case to try to stop the sale. After pondering the case for 22 years, the judges appointed a British lawyer to oversee
the property and the case dragged on.

Now the heirs want it back but legal experts say it won’t be easy for the high court to take a decision on a case file that’s been gathering dust for nearly two centuries. National and state boundaries have
since changed and a substantial portion of the land once owned by Raja Rajkrishna Deb is now in Bangladesh.

http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/175_years_ later_West_ Bengal_case_ goes_on_and_on/ articleshow/ 3690564.cms

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Sorry Shruti, DV act is not available for you :(

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 9, 2008

My wife has filed all cases that are possible by a wife against her husband (including dowry cases).

I was expecting that a Domestic Violence case will come soon too (and I am sure that she was hoping so too), but now courts have ruled that DV act does not have a retrospective effect. Sorry Shruti my love 😦

New Delhi: An attempt by a woman, who got married 25 years ago, to seek relief from a Delhi court under the Domestic Violence Act for alleged harassment by her husband and in-laws in 1997 has fallen flat.
The court rejected her plea saying that the Protection of Women from the Domestic Violence Act cannot be applied to an incident of harassment with occurred 11 years ago as the woman-friendly legislation
cannot be applied with retrospective effect. “All the allegations of domestic violence and harassment pertain to the period prior to the year 1997, much before the present Act came into force on 2005. The Act also does not have a retrospective effect,” the court said. PTI

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Wife + family booked for husband’s suicide

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 6, 2008

NAGPUR: Five days after Vitthal Dodke, a resident of the Ayodhya Nagar, committed suicide, Sakkardara police have registered offences against six  persons, including his wife, for allegedly abetting the man to end his life. Police have already dispatched units to arrest the accused, but till Wednesday evening, none had been taken into custody.

Behind the scenes, one may say that it was due to the efforts put in by members of the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), an organisation consisting mostly of men tortured by their wives, which did the trick. Otherwise, the police had not registered offence against anyone despite the fact that Dodke had mentioned in his suicide note that his wife had driven him to commit suicide.

Offences under section 306 of the IPC have been registered against six accused identified as Dodke’s wife Saroj, her family members Ashok Kshirsagar, Prakash Kshirsagar, their father Natthuji Kshirsagar and his wife, as well as one Ramkrishna Pimpalkar. The offences were registered late on Wednesday evening.

However, despite this, members of the SIFF, led by Rajesh Wakharia, organised a demonstration outside the Sakkardara police station on Wednesday morning, to protest the inordinate delay by the cops to register offence against the accused. The situation was diffused after the policemen informed them that they had already sent squads to bring in the accused.

Dodke had committed suicide by hanging himself at his home. His body had been discovered at on October 31. During primary investigations, police recovered a suicide note in which Dodke had said that his wife was pressurising him to have his parental house transferred in her name, and had been threatening to lodge false complaints at the local police station and have him and his family arrested if he did not comply with her demands.

Incidentally, this is the third case in a year in the city of a woman being booked by the police for allegedly driving her husband to suicide. In a similar incident in Ajni a few months ago, a city corporator and her family had been booked by the police after being accused of abetting her husband to commit suicide.

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Me and my wife are together for at least 17 years more :)

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 4, 2008

Supreme court denies divorce even after 17 years of legal battles

Live with a dead marriage, if God so wills, says SC
19 Aug 2008, 0247 hrs IST,TNN

NEW DELHI: A man, separated from wife for last 17 years and repeatedly refused divorce by courts, was on Monday told by the Supreme Court that he may have to live with the rest of his life with a dead marriage as it appears that God willed it that way.

“If this is the will of God,” said a Bench comprising Justices B N Agrawal, G S Singhvi and J M Panchal dismissing a petition by Narinder Kumar Verma seeking divorce on the ground that the burden of a dead marriage imposed on him was violating his right to life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.

The Bench said it was helpless as Verma’s petition seeking divorce was rejected followed by dismissal of his review and curative petitions, which meant that the order of the apex court declining him divorce has attained finality.

Appearing for the petitioner, senior advocate S B Sanyal said the question before the apex court was not to go afresh into the rejection of the appeal, review and curative, but to consider whether a person be tied down to a dead marriage and not allowed to make a fresh beginning.

Explaining the fall-out of continuing a dead marriage, Sanyal said if the husband, who was taking care of his two daughters for nearly two decades, dies, then the wife would also take a share of his property without even contributing a bit into the grooming of the children.

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Infosys employees send threating emails to the President

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 1, 2008

CoP asked to pardon e-mail sender
17 Oct 2008, 0541 hrs IST,TNN

CHENNAI: Grandparents of the software engineer who sent a threatening email to President Pratibha Patil on Thursday met city police commissioner R Sekar and asked for a reprieve for their grandson.

Techie Sriram Jaganathan, who sent the threatening email to the President on October 12, has a psychiatric problem and is under medication, his grandfather retired major Rangarajan, told Sekar. Sriram was arrested on Wednesday by the cyber crime cell. Rangarajan submitted a petition to Sekar, pleading with him to pardon his grandson, considering his medical condition.

“We cannot help him in this. The case will take its legal course,” a senior police official said. “We cannot completely rule out other intentions. Except for questions related to the reason for sending the
mail, Sriram gave us logical answers to other questions. Even if he is suffering from psychiatric problems, it is the job of the defence to prove it,” he said.

According to M Sudhakar, assistant commissioner of police, cyber crime cell, a case under sections 506/2 (criminal intimidation) , 507 (threat by means of communication) and 294(b) (use of filthy language) of the
IPC and section 67 (sending indecent content) of the Information Technology Act has been registered against Sriram. He was remanded to judicial custody and sent to Puzhal prison on Thursday. If convicted
under these sections, he can face upto seven years in prison.

“Sriram was working as a software programmer in Infosys Technologies at Mahindra city. He was sacked on Wednesday,” said Sudhakar. “When we questioned him, he said he was unhappy about government inaction
regarding public grievances. He said the mail was sent to the President because she was the head of the country,” Sudhakar said.

Police sources said Sriram was academically bright and had landed the job at Infosys Technologies during a campus recruitment drive. He studied engineering in Velammal Engineering College. His father is
no more and he has been living with his grandparents and mother in T Nagar.

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