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Read on to know what happens to men who marry in India


1. My father in law is very influential. He has good contacts with the police/ judiciary.

Usually the girl’s father has good contacts with the police/ judiciary and society at large. This is not because he comes from any influential background but this is because the girl and her father will keep talking about their problems from day 1. You can read details at:

Statistically also, it is not possible that every time the girl’s family has good contacts with police/ judiciary and the guy’s side doesn’t.

Additionally, the system in India has become much more transparent as compared to what it was 10 – 20 years back. Today no police officer or judge does something that is totally illegal.

3 Responses to “Myths”

  1. Nice blog.

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  2. myth is always a myth and believe me i will win today because i am awakened

  3. bikash said

    i do not agree. sorry. when your FIL is a senior advocate in the same high court and GFIL was a attorney genereal twice and the entire girls are lawyers. exceptional? yes. surrender? no. not me

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