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Spent a lot on wedding? Show us proof: Court

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 16, 2010

Planning a lavish wedding? Just keep the tax-returns ready. A city court judge has asked a woman and her parents to disclose their source of money for arranging a wedding that reportedly cost them Rs 60 lakh, on Saturday. Moreover, the court refused to register a criminal case against the groom for accepting dowry in the absence of these financial proofs.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Rakesh Pandit said “Huge claims are made regarding giving of dowry which are sometimes are astronomical in nature as far as the financial condition of parents are concerned”.

Laviral Kalra (name changed) a resident of Anand Vihar, East Delhi got married to Pooja (name changed) in December 2008. Pooja alleged that her father, a property dealer spent Rs 60 lakh on her wedding, and also gifted a Maruti SX4 car to the groom.

Counsel for Laviral (who wished to remain unidentified) said, “The girl and her parents have not produced any financial documents to support their claims”. The court upheld his argument, and the judge said, “In these circumstances it is very difficult to ascertain whether this much amount was ever spent or any alleged demands were raised.”

The court noted that in matrimonial offences, it is essential to identify the source of money of parents who claim to host an expensive wedding. Pooja’s counsel argued that her parents literally “bowed to Laviral and his family’s wishes”, and the court should order criminal proceedings against him.

In the absence of financial returns or any other documents, the court dismissed Pooja’s counsel’s plea for registration of an FIR against Laviral and his family members.
http://www.hindusta rssfeed/newdelhi /Spent-a- lot-on-wedding- Show-us-proof- Court/Article1- 506462.aspx

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Section 498A: Extortion tool provided by law

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 9, 2009

Section 498A: Harassment & Extortion tool provided by law

Torture and police brutality are endemic in India.

-Supreme Court Lawyer And Architect Of The Indian DV Act, Indira Jaising, In A London Court, 1999

Indian law is being misused in several ways. Not only men but women are no exception of this. Section 498A is one of the legal tool available for Indian women to harass their husbands.

This is used to file case against husband and other in laws for demanding dowry. But it is being misused by most of the wives of Indian society. 498A is the perfect tool for extortion and/or to wreak vengeance on husbands and their families.

There are two types of Indian citizens, the privileged and the ordinary. The privileged will never think about law, as the laws don’t apply to them. They have no fear of law. The Arjun Singh 498A case is a prime example. Though an accused in a criminal case, he is still a Union Minister whereas thousands of govt. employees have lost their jobs.

The gravity of seriousness of this charge is evident from the fact that if a person man or woman has a daughter in law, he/she can be jailed under section 498A of IPC, even if she lived for a few days with them or even never lived.

498A is considered as a prudent means of extortion. The other characteristics of this extortion racket are:

• This law encourages corruption and enables govt. agencies like the police to violate Fundamental Rights of the 498A victim.

• It plays a role in gender based vote bank politics.

• It denies justice to the real victims of dowry harassment.

• This is exposing the lower judiciary to corruption.

• Finally, this is a gamble. In the end this trick may fail if the falsely accused husband choose to fight back.

Motives :- Following are the possible motives of women who use 498A :-

• Money: Wife can demand a huge money from his husband who has been jailed along with his parents.

• Revenge: She can use it as a tool to take revenge if her husband etc. did not fulfill her unreasonable demands.

• Guilt: She has done something wrong. For example she may have committed adultery and got caught in the act. She can cover it up with a dowry harassment case. She can gain sympathy by this and also custody of kids, if kids are involved.

• She Is Just Not Into You: She just doesn’t like her husband and wants to get out of the marriage. The 498A is a convenient tool to do so with lots of harassment for husband.

• She Is A Control Freak: She wants to control her husband and in laws in every possible way. She may also want to not support husband’s parents and siblings in any fashion regardless of  his ability to do so. She may want her husband to throw his parents out of their house. Her goal is to gain control of all aspects of her husband life, including finances and to break the bonds and responsibilities that tie her husband to his family. If she could not succeed in this she will use 498A.

To Marry The Boyfriend: If she is having affair, she will file a case under 498A to demand cash and then she will go to marry her boyfriend. They will use this cash to set up their family.

Now question arises if 498A has provided vast powers to wife, what counter charge can be made against her and her family?

The answer is, cases can be filed under I.P.C. for fabricating false evidence (Section 192), dishonestly making false claim in the court (Section 209), false charge of offence made with the intent to injure (Section 211), forgery (Section 463) etc. These counter cases will keep that party in distress and proceedings in these cases can be used to support main case of 498A.

But the mental torture and distress suffered by husband and his family members can’t be compensated at all.

Rakesh Singh

Address:-Canara Bank

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Women make money by threatening false cases

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on October 16, 2008

NEW DELHI: Two women were arrested in the national capital for allegedly extorting Rs 100 from a man after threatening to implicate him in a rape case, police said on Friday.

The women were caught following a complaint filed by one Nishant Gaur, a resident of Mansarovar Park, that he was threatened by three women who took the money from him.

The incident took place when Gaur stopped his motorcycle at Netaji Nagar on September 24, police said, adding that suddenly three women appeared on the scene and one of them sat on his vehicle. While the second woman stood in front of the vehicle, the third took the keys and demanded money threatening that they would raise alarm and implicate him in a rape case, they said.

Gaur gave Rs 100 and drove away from the scene to police station where he registered a complaint.

A police team accompanied Gaur to the spot and after sometime they found the women standing near the Netaji Nagar round-about waiting for another prey. After Gaur identified them, police managed to catch two.

A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

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