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Court serves notice to woman for false evidence TOI

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 15, 2009

CHANDIGARH: Backtracking on dowry allegations in court proved costly for a woman as she got entangled in her own web of lies, following which, a show-cause notice was served to her for giving false evidence.

According to information, the Sector-25 based woman had levelled dowry charges against her 27-year-old husband, a resident of Sector 51, in May 2007.

In her police complaint, the woman alleged that soon after she got married, her husband started misbehaving and using derogatory language with her for bringing insufficient dowry.

She also alleged that she was thrashed and locked up in rooms on several occasions.

Subsequently, a case under sections 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust) and 498-A (husband or relative of a husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) of the IPC was registered against her husband on July 5, 2007.

However, the case took a new turn when during the court hearing on Monday, the complainant outright denied that she was harassed or maltreated by her husband or her in-laws.

The woman went on to state that a ‘misunderstanding’ had cropped up between the couple, due to which her relations turned sour with the in-laws, resulting in the two getting divorced.

Much to the surprise of the jury, the woman’s parents also supported her statement and denied that she was never maltreated or harassed by her husband and his family.

Shocked at the turn of events, the prosecution declared the complainant hostile, while the judicial magistrate questioned her why she shouldn’t be punished for giving false evidence in the court?

The magistrate in his judgment stated, “The complainant deliberately suppressed the truth and made afalse statement knowing it could be used in the court proceedings. This clearly amounts to perjury.”

He further said, “The complainant should be tried for giving false evidence in legal proceedings. A show-cause notice must be served to her under Section 344 of the CrPC, wherein she must explain why she should not be punished. Separate proceedings must be also initiated against her.”

Meanwhile, the court acquitted the woman’s husband by giving him the benefit of doubt.

http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/city/ chandigarh/ Court-serves- notice-to- woman-for- false-evidence/ articleshow/ 5337893.cms

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Harassed husband downs poison in police station

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 15, 2009

Says cops would not take him seriously when he told them his wife had threatened to file false case against him

A 32-year-old cab driver who claimed his wife was harassing him attempted suicide at the Vyalikaval police station by consuming poison and is said to be in a serious condition in hospital.

Krishna T, the cab driver, was rushed to KC General hospital after the attempt to take his own life.

ABSCONDING: Krishna’s wife Usha with their child. Usha is absconding since her cab driver husband was admitted to a hospital after consuming rat poison in a police station.

Dowry case threat

In his statement, Krishna told the police that his wife Usha and her family were making him go through unbearable torture and threatening to file a false case against him.

He said he had consumed poison at the police station because even the police were not sympathetic towards his plight since the time his wife had begun repeatedly threatening him with a dowry harassment case.

He said Usha harassed him everyday and doubted his character.

Krishna’s mother Eeramma (65), who later approached the police with a complaint, said Krishna had married Usha four years ago and that since then her daughter-in-law had been harassing the family.

“She wanted Krishna to live separately from us and said he should not talk to us,” she said in her complaint.

Fed up with frequent fights in the houshold, Eeramma finally decided to send the couple to a separate house, but she said Usha and her family did not cease the harassment, demanding a share in Krishna’s ancestral property.

She said Krishna finally approached the police, but was not taken seriously. Eeeramma said the police did not believe him and even misbehaved with them.

Money, mobile gone

Unable to bear this, Krishna went to the police station with a bottle of rat poison and consumed it before the police.

Eeramma said the police rushed him to the hospital — and informed Usha, who came to the hospital and went away after taking Rs 6,000 and his mobile phone.

Krishna’s mother said since then Usha had been missing, and demanded the police initiate strong action against Usha and her family.

Physical abuse

Eeeramma told MiD DAY said Krishna had been beaten by members of Usha’s family.

“The harassment is not only on her part but also that of her sister, Indrani, who has separated from her husband. Some time ago she beat up Krishna in public,” said Eeramma. “Krishna fears Usha and has to cook and clean everyday. In her four years of married life, she never once lit the stove; she likes to eat out.”
She said Usha now wanted to separate from Krishna.

“She wants separation but she also wants a share of his ancestral property,” said Eeramma. “We are frustrated with her character; along with the police she made our life hell.”

The Vyalikaval police are investigating the case, but Usha is absconded since the day Krishna took poison.

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