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Marriage versus prostitution

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 27, 2009

This idea came to my mind, because a reader of my blog commented that “Men marry attractive body and women marry bank balances”. (It is comment number 5 at

I went and searched for the definition of prostitution: The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money.

I searched for prostitution first, not because prostitutes interest me more than wives (if there is any difference between the two), but because I knew finding the definition of prostitution is going to be relatively easy task.

A general definition of marriage is that it is a legal and social contract between two individuals that gives legitimacy to sexual relations.

So, both serve one main purpose, the purpose of physical pleasure. Now, let us evaluate the 2 ‘professions’ on the following 3 parameters – variety, switching costs, and quality.

Parameter Marriage Prostitution
Variety Very low

Adultery is a crime for men under IPC 497, while women can do it legally. IPC 497 applies only to men.

As desired

You can go to different service providers as per your desires. You are not bound by any ‘contract’ called marriage.

Switching Costs

(Switching from one woman to the other)

Very high

In order to switch wives, you would need to divorce the first one, and divorce is an expensive affair.


There is no cost involved in switching commercial sex workers

Customer Service Quality Low

The service provider doesn’t care whether the consumer is satisfied or not, he will still have to pay for her whether he continues to use the service or not.


Repeat business is a customer’s choice.

Hence, marriage is equivalent to prostitution in the following manner:

  1. You might get sex in marriage

I am using the word ‘might’ because you can not have sex against your               spouse’s wishes. So if you are lucky, then you will get sex.

2. You are obliged to maintain the woman financially

But marriage is different from prostitution in the following:

  1. You have to pay for her irrespective of whether you get anything from her in return or not.

2. If you sleep with someone else, that is illegal.

To summarize:

Men do not even get from their wives what they get from prostitutes. Even if the wives were as good, then also marriage can at best be described as long-term prostitution unless the women of this nation start to take equal responsibilities of running the household.

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Wife’s mentally disturbed condition not enough to prove husband’s cruelty

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 27, 2009

Mumbai: A soured marriage and the resultant disturbed mental condition of a woman who committed suicide were not sufficient reasons to infer that the husband subjected her to cruelty, the Bombay high court ruled earlier this month.

Setting aside the two-year imprisonment sentence handed out to Kamalkishore Agrawal, 48, by a sessions court, the Nagpur bench of the high court held that, “though it appears that the victim and the applicant had marital discord running over a long period of time which, even according to the applicant, led to mental degradation of the victim, that in itself cannot justify the conclusion that the victim was subjected to such mental or physical cruelty by the applicant, that it drove her to death.”
Agrawal, a businessman, and Seema were married on February 24, 1992. After their marriage, “as caste and custom so permitted,” Agrawal’s adoptive parents also resided with the couple in their home in Akola. The couple had a daughter in 1993. However, since there were differences between the couple and Agrawal’s adoptive parents, they moved out of the house and started living separately from 1997.
On March 12, 1998, Seema set herself on fire and succumbed to burn injuries. A police complaint was lodged by her brother, Kailash, who had stated in his statement that Seema had written letters to him, which said that she was being subjected to cruelty in her marital home and it was not possible for her to live there any longer.
Agrawal’s counsel, however, told the court that there was no “causal connection” between the letters and Seema’s suicide as the last letter written by her was in 1996, while the incident took place in 1998. Moreover, he added, some of the letters were not addressed to Kailash and it was questionable how he was in possession of them.
The additional public prosecutor, however, said that the letters were in Seema’s handwriting and how they came into Kailash’s possession was irrelevant. She further stated that Agrawal in his defense had said that Seema had become so weak mentally that she either sent the letters to the wrong addresses or handed them over to the wrong people. “This written statement of defense categorically shows that the accused admits that the victim was mentally sick. If that was so, as a husband, it was necessary for the applicant to find out as to why his wife slipped into that stage,” the prosecution argued.
Agrawal had contended that Seema suspected she was being subjected to black magic and refused to take any medicines from him. He told the court that he was torn between his wife and his adoptive parents.
The sessions court acquitted Agrawal and his adoptive parents from the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder but convicted Agrawal under Section 498A (cruelty) of the IPC.
Justice RC Chavan, however, said, “suspicion, howsoever strong, cannot replace proof.” He said with the evidence on record it was not possible to conclusively say that the husband had treated his wife with cruelty, which led her to commit suicide and quashed the conviction and sentence handed out to Agrawal.

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