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Are guys more ‘physical’ than girls?

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 20, 2010

Today, we had an office weekend picnic. Friends and families of employees were also invited. In between the younger crowd the discussion quite often drifts to romance and affair.

I witnessed this healthy discussion about the physical needs of boys versus girls. The girls were arguing that guys often need girls only for their physical needs. The boys had their share of beliefs.

There is one opinion that really caught my attention. A guy mentioned the following:

“I need physical as well as emotional love. Girls are so manipulative that it is impossible to trust them. Today she is with me and tomorrow she will be with someone else. We enter into any human alliance because we want to gain something. Emotional aspects of a human association mean more to me, but those can be proven only over a period of time. Girls are either fickle minded or they have a tendency to keep switching partners, hence I concentrate on physical aspects in the beginning of a relationship.

Emotional aspects materialize only over a period of time. Girls are usually not stable. A relationship costs time, money, emotions and I do not wish to be taken for a ride for several months without gaining anything out of it.”

Most people weren’t very pleased with this attitude, but them most of the world is feminist – who pamper women.

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Men are more emotional than women

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 21, 2009

Bangalore: Tying the knot makes men feel happy to the worth of 18,000 pounds while women experience the joy worth only half the amount.

Paul Frijters, Queensland University of Technology, estimated the value of happiness in terms of cash for the major events in life like marriage, divorce and illness. Each of the event shows different results for men and women.
While divorce leave men feeling a loss of 61,500 pounds, for women it was a just a loss of 5,000 pounds.
The birth of a child created a low cash amount, about 18,000 pounds for a man and less than 5,000 pounds for a woman.
According to the findings, the death of a partner or a child creates the feeling of a loss of 73,000 pounds to a woman and more than 350,000 pounds to a man.
Losing a loved one has a much bigger effect than gaining a loved one. There’s an asymmetry between life and death. This shouldn’t surprise us. Human beings seem to notice losses more than gains.

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