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Read on to know what happens to men who marry in India

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Posted by iluvshrutiverma on October 16, 2008

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***All my blogs are to help people fight against injustice. Most of the arsenal that I have is from a man’s side but I offer advice to genuine woman too***

This blog is dedicated to more than 56,000 married men who commit suicide annually in India.

The intention of this blog is twofold – to share with you experiences of my marriage, and to create awareness that there are ample number of cases where women are cunning and the men suffer.

In India, we always respect women. We respect women to such an extent that we believe that they can never be wrong (Abla Nari). With changing times, the society needs to start treating women as equals (today women have a lot of privileges).

I have myself been implicated in several dowry related criminal cases. Shruti has been staying separately since Feb 2006 but we are still very much legally married.

She even tried to claim maintenance by falsely claiming to be unemployed when she was employed with one of the largest Indian software companies.

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