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Read on to know what happens to men who marry in India

Balm for men

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 25, 2010

ASK someone about the problems of women, and a list would emerge that would never seem to end. Ask about men’s problems, and you see only blank faces. Does that mean that men do not have any problem? Or is it that there is no awareness amongst the general public? Or is it just that men are simply taken for granted? If Uma Challa had her way, she would strive to bring in changes.

The All-India Men’s Welfare Association wants laws to be enacted to protect men from harassment

5 Responses to “Balm for men”

  1. Bikram said

    when i see boyfriends and girlfriends together i ask HIM what wrong had i made
    when i see old couples walking i ask HIM what wrong had my parents committed
    when i see a beautiful girl i ask HIM when did i not appriciate her(my darling) beauty
    when i see a working professional i ask HIM when did i not encourage her to earn and become independent

    all those who are appearing the snap above must have had their dreams and desires in their respective lives but they were grouped together while fighting for justice for the injustice meted to them by the youngistan female educated brigade.

    one voice can change the world if not instantly but can be reason for onset of a revolution. there are so many fighters already . what is missing is the deadly impact. what is required is one impact after another.

    I thought I was not coward but I am for my loved ones. I do not want to lose them at the cost of unscruplous parasites and their harbourers.The day I lose all of my loved ones, I will shake the government till I die.

    why not every week a victim of these money extortion laws make a shraddh of himself and we call the media personals to live telecast it? Just an idea and idea can change life!

    • sanjay mehra said


      Like your idea very much. After all these laws have destroyed or attempted to destroy our lives. A shraddh of yourself is a good idea. But one every week will get boring. Maybe having a mass shraddh of men effected by Sec.498A and Domestic Violence Act may be a good idea.

      warm regards

      sanjay mehra

      • iluvshrutiverma said

        Hi Bikram/ Sanjay, This is already happening, please read the Times of India news about “Man alleging misuse of dowry act performs ‘shraadh’ for self” here

  2. Bikram said

    hi ILSV/Sanjay

    We need 1.impact with 2.continuity.

    The reason I asked for ..
    ..”shradh” was for the impact.
    ..”every week” was for continuity.

    My other idea is -> 2 as pointed out by Gurung to file RTIs and then if we could make the BBC/Reuters accountable to get the details about the RTI evaluation and stuff, public to them. Once this comes in new with the international media, our movement is bound to get momentum . What say ?

  3. anneb28 said

    Keep up the good work you are doing. My brother’s wife has caused me and my family a lot of trouble. People like you are a source of inspiration for us. We will fight till the end. Please continue to provide victims like me direction in future also

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