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Women empowerment project successful

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on February 18, 2010

Hello WCD, NCW and other feminists,

Looks like your Women Empowerment project is successful.

http://epaper. Details.aspx? id=383438& boxid=29635926

Translated version:Alleging that “We are given sleeping pills to make us
sleep so that she can enjoy her carnal pleasures. She continues illicit
relationship with others when our father is not at home. When told to mend
her behaviour, she, alongwith our father, necked us out. Save us from the
attrocities of our mother,” 3 children knocked the SHRC. K.Sravani(11) ,
K.Vani(9) & K.Renuka(7) from RTC Colony, Guntur complained to the
commission. And mentioned in the complaint that “Our father Chandrasekhar
works as Home Guard in Donakonda Police Station. Mom works as sweeper in a bank there. When our father is away on night duty, many people would visit
our house. When asked as to why she is doing so in front of the kids, she
threatened to kill us. Joining hands with father, she necked us out. We fear
that she & her paramour would kill us. She caused harm to our grandfather
who gave shelter to us. Save us from her and admit us in a school.”

Sakshi, Hyderabad city edition, Page 6.

4 Responses to “Women empowerment project successful”

  1. Vidhya said

    * if my brother asks to the judge in the court about the misuse of laws then would my brother be sent to jail or would he be given any sensible answer. what if i want the court proceeding to be recorded in presence of media person ?

    * how can i ensure the media journalists from various leading newspapers are admitted to the court room ?

    • Vidhya said

      in the court room can anybody just walk-in as we in the movies or only specific people whose relation to the victim is known ?

      • iluvshrutiverma said

        yes, anybody can just walk-in and watch the proceedings. it’s slightly more regulated like shown in the movies – like there would be a constable who would make you sit down if you stand up and remain standing for too long, you can not talk on your mobile phone etc.

        i have attended several hearings to get a ‘feel’ of how the decision making process happens, and i never had a problem with any of the regulations

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      * nothing will happen. no sensible answer will be provided because a sensible answer does not exist. moreover most of the judges sitting there might not be sensible themselves.

      *why will media people take interest in your brother’s story? how is it different from the millions of stories every year?

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