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Big Bang v/s Staggered Approach

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on January 16, 2010

Every commando who fights back will reach this stage at some point in time. He will have so much ammunition that he will start to wonder whether to use all of that together (big bang) or use them at regular intervals of time (staggered approach).

Some of the points that he should consider are the following:

1. There is a significant time lag between when you initiate action from your side and when some activity actually happens.

E.g. You might file a complaint with a public authority (police, court, health department) today but it might easily be a few months before they initiate any official action on it.

2. Do not under-estimate your opponent. Big bang approach works well if you are able to break your opponent completely with the big bang, but if the opponent survives then the survivor is much more strong than what he was before.

If the opponent is strong (egoistic), then it is more appropriate to break him down gradually.

3. Keep in mind the future ‘pipeline’ of ammunition. E.g. Defamation and damages are ‘Contingent ammution’ today. They will become real once you have some public authority’s order in your favor. So, if your pipeline is strong, then you can afford to use all your present ammunition today, because next quarter and 2 quarters from today you are expecting new ammunition.

8 Responses to “Big Bang v/s Staggered Approach”

  1. vassuudev said

    Hi sir,
    i got what you mean…I really appreciate people like you.

    i feel you need to initiate a new post on ” PreCautions to be taken prior to marriage”.

    This will help lot of people as they might tie a knot to a Psycho Girl and spoil their career.

    If it’s possible include some legal details that needs to be taken into consideration prior to marriage(For males) and what are ways to counter if girls files illicit Case against her spouse, then it would be a great help.

    I feel most of the girls are coming up with false allegations that thier husband is impotent–so i feel it’s better to Test “Sperm count” prior to marriage and even show details girls parents and even to Girl.

    I feel even girls need to check themselves , if they can Ovulate properly and are they biogically inept or not..

    I feel prior to every marriage both spouses need to be produce their details of employement and savings..

    Could you please come up with few more ideas?

    • iluvshrutiverma said


      You did not answer my earlier questions. I am curious to know how you ‘abused’ your wife. I am curious because feminists have created such a neurotic society around me that males are made to feel guilty even when they are not wrong. Therefore, in all likelihood you were just being fair but modern day feminism forced you to think that you were abusive.

      Coming to the precautions to be taken prior to marriage. Well, I do not that will help many people, for the following 2 reasons:

      1. In Mahabharata, there is a very famous incident where one person asked the other learned person – “what is the most strange thing on this earh”, and the other person replies “Everyday you see people dying around you, but you never think that this can happen to you”.

      So, no one who is getting married suspects that all this will happen to him.

      2. Lust is blind. Men are too sex starved to be able to think clearly at the time of marriage.

      • vasuudev said


        It’s verbal abuse, not physical one.
        I had dated with many women, when i was in Belgium i had an affair with Brazilian..i am an ETH zurich alumni ,During my engineering i had dated with Brazilian girl, we were involved in physical affair—There is a saying that -“There is a woman behind every successful man coz women always run behind successful men”…

        And this holds true for my case in engineering and marriage.I never wished to marry but sadly due to pressure i had to marry, of course In a political familiy you expect such affairs even after marriage i had an affair with actress–Now i have left India with my wife and doing Job in Belgium….As far as i am concerned it makes no difference if my wife is with me or not,on several occasions i abused but she didn’t come out coz, our family is a Political family in Tamilnadu…she could do nothing even if she comes out.It holds true for many families and many of my relatives, we all are aware about our mischief but we need to portray differently.

        I can tell you briefly about abuse, but if you are so curious then i can tell you how to attack and weaken women emotionally, it’s like typical brainwashing stuff which makes women to fear before taking any step…

        All i can say is–If you have power then “so called Feminists can’t do anything”–It’s just a Cover-up,Those feminists Organizations are meant for Middle-class,and Lower-middle class–Poor people will either Kill or die–and Rich, They don’t care–That’s INDIA..

        What did Andhra GOVT do when ND tiwary was caught in camera with 3 B-grade actress–and what had Feminists accomplished?…It’s power.

        As they say- It happens only in INDIA.These things are very normal in Business Families and Political Families..That’s all i can Overtly.


      • vasuudev said

        i couldn’t describe anything apart from this..

        COZ i know that i am writing in a Public forum and you were a lawyer…Why should i speak truth?…

        Please don’t consider that the name with which i have written is even original..

        As far as i can say–Everything works here in INDIA—
        “we mustn’t do anything unlawful- But we need to change the law to our favor”–just manipulate truth..

        I don’t mean that you aren’t intelligent , But as an IIT & IIM guy you must be earning very well.
        I don’t know what else your wife seeks but there are many Indian girls ready to marry a guy’s CV , Bank Balance and Stock.
        I feel you must have married a Model or some business man’s daughter.

      • iluvshrutiverma said

        “Many Indian girls ready to marry a guy’s CV , Bank Balance” – Most are like that. That is what they are taught from the beginning and that is what is socially acceptable in this country. A guy marries a girl for her looks and a girl marries a guy for his salary. What is rarely understood is the fact that the looks will depreciate over time and income will increase with time. So, even if if was a fair deal to begin with, it will become unfair to the guy with time.

        “I feel you must have married a Model or some business man’s daughter” – No I did not. I married someone from a middle class family thinking that she would have good family values. (For information – my FIL is a doctor in a small city with his own clinic. As per documentation that I have recieved using RTI, his clinic gets 5-7 patients in a day and he charges an average of Rs 20 per patient).

  2. mahesh said

    498a is equivalent to an atom bomb; but even japan did not surrender after the 1st one. once 498a is executed i.e. arrests etc done, all other bombs just become minor stuff like 125 etc. now 1) you succumb to the atom bomb, then quit and hope that your next marriage the next atom bomb wont explode 2) you start preparing your bombs like the commandos in sif and you know that even the bullet that didnt hit still caused mental impact on the opponent. so it doesnt matter how you jeopardize the enemy; keep gathering ammunition and timing their launch

  3. Ash said

    I from my personal experience can say if 498A is involed then definitely it’s a long fight ahead. Most of the brunt is faced by the victim at the beginning of the case when the police, relatives, warrants, arrests, bail proceedings etc are involved. This time should be invested by the victim in protecting himself, his family and his assets from the system. Going on a attacking spree wouldn’t help. 498a at the initial stage is like a bullet which will make a dent or hole your job is to make sure the impact is minimal. This is also the best time to pack your arenal with secret ammunition i.e. preparing yourself with the proofs, sections etc you will use against the opponent later.

    Once the initial phase is over aka the investigation is completed and/or the case goes to the court then its relatively easy to fight the case. This is the best time to get your secret arsenal out and then methodically (staggered approach) use it to cause havoc in the opposition’s camp. By this the opponent would have realised that you are a fighter and his ammunition dump is relatively empty and is on equal (if not less) footing.

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Thank you Ash for the very valid point about first defending yourself and then getting into the attacking mode. I absolutely agree that first the victim husband has to protect himself and family. Once he is free from his bail/ arrest drama, only then would he be able to perform a strategic attack.


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