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Woman held for husband’s murder

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on January 4, 2010

CHENNAI: Police on Sunday made a breakthrough in the man missing case of Ashok Kumar of Bazaar Nagar in Avadi when they arrested his wife Sweety Rekha (19).

Suburban police sources said she drugged Ashok last November and strangled him to death with the help of her lover Asim (25) and accomplices Vinod (19) and Thalip Basha (21).

The men, who were also arrested on Sunday, transported his body and dumped it in a forest area in Chittoor district.

The motive behind the murder was to eliminate Ashok who was a hindrance to the relationship Asim and Rekha had, sources added.

All the four were later remanded to custody and sent to Puzhal prison.

9 Responses to “Woman held for husband’s murder”

  1. Justice seeker said

    please tell me where on this website i need to click so that i can create a new topic??

  2. Justice seeker said

    is there anything that can be done if wife is either a psycho(pagal)

    (it has not been proved yet and she is not willing to do that test though she had been making lot of cries that i am pagal and i need a psychiatric treatment)

    and if not, then she is trying to make us(i and my parents) psycho.

    She had been crying over divorce all the time, and now that they (she and her family) know that we also want divorce(as earlier we were trying to save marriage), they say that they will not give divorce, and if we want to get divorce, then they just want us to take the initiative.

    I tell you they have tried all the acts , as mentioned in the book of law, under which, if had been proved, then they could easily put me and my family behind bars.

    Do i need help of barristor,and a psychologist??

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      1. what will you achieve even if you are able to prove that she is a psycho? at max u wud be able to get a divorce (mind my words, AT MAX, divorce is usually a tough thing and the only divorces that happen are the mutual consent divorces)

      2. About her first wanting divorce and then not giving divorce – matrimonial disputes are fights. And in a fight, you do not want to give the other person what they want, right? So it is understandable that she does not want to give you divorce when you want it.

      Do not initiate any HMA case. Learn to live (enjoy) life with all the matrimonial disputes going on, and soon enough your wife would be on your feet begging for divorce.

      Feminists have made the world hell for men, but one thing that God did in our favor is the fact that women can not become a mother after a certain age. And therefore she would be in a hurry for divorce sooner or later. Be patient

      3. You need self help. You do not need a barristor, you do not need a psychologist. You just need to regain confidence and the go – getter attitude that you used to have earlier in your life. Once, you are able to put yourself back together, you will be here… in my shoes…. advicing others (after solving your own problems)… within 12 months time.

  3. JusticeSeeker said

    Hi ,

    I gained confidence after your words but now she is again changing her tune. She cries and gives wrath on the name of God that He will see to the culprit and asks me if I will like to see her dead body. They are all of one opinion that my parents are the culprits and she loves me, and I do not have guts to supports my wife.

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Please read about BPD (Borderline personality disorder). It appears to me that your wife is suffering from this disease.

      You can not leave your parents for your wife. Moreover, if you agree to her illegitimate demands now, later it would become an expectation.

      • JusticeSeeker said

        I went through a number of sites filtered through the keyword, ‘BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder or its symptoms’ and I am shocked to admit that not just few but many symptoms are exactly as we(I and my family) witnessed and can confirm them to be true.

        What are my alternatives ? I guess now I need to consult a psychologist for obvious reasons and in case I get positive report about BPD, I need to consult a barristor. Please suggest..

      • iluvshrutiverma said

        You say: “I need to consult a psychologist and in case I get positive report about BPD, I need to consult a barristor”

        You do not need to consult a psychologist. I know you meant that you (along with your wife) but I want to stress the fact here that you are irrelevant since she is the patient. Unless, she willingly opts for treatment, you can’t do anything.

        The second statement about the lawyer, well even if she is BPD, you think the court will grant you divorce? If you find time, read about the evolution of laws in our culture. Do you know that the concept of divorce itself was not there before 1955? And if you look at the 5000 year old civilization, 50 years is very very recent. So, divorce is one of the difficult things that happen. Hence, even if you prove BPD, the chances of a divorce are not high.

        (Divorce was first introduced in India along with Hindu Marriage Act in 1955).

      • JusticeSeeker said

        Thank you sir for your inputs. Does it really the only option with me to get divorce is, by mutual consent ? or keep on living life with hell and feel helpless for my parents or pray to God that she comes on the track somehow ?

      • iluvshrutiverma said

        I have read several of your posts on my blog as well as on other blogs. It is extremely unlikely that she would come back on track.

        Keep on living with hell is your choice. No court can force you to live with her. Divorce is a legal matter. (Actually Restitution of Conjugal rights is also a legal matter, but let me not complicate the things here). For now, you can safely assume that no court can force you to live with her.

        So living with her is your choice. Do not worry about divorce at the moment. You are under a lot of stress, first get back your life.

        In fact, in my opinion men should never worry about divorce. It is the woman who will stop to be a ‘woman’ after a certain age, you would always be a man 🙂

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