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Pregnant women cant get death sentence

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on January 1, 2010

In continuation of it’s biased pro-women attitude, the judiciary has come up with something new now –

“If a pregnant woman is given the death sentence, the High Court would automatically commute it to life.”

The Govt of India should also include specific clauses as to the following:

1. Pregnancy would mean pregnancy at the time of ‘execution’ – so a women need not be pregnant at the time she committed the crime. But she can get pregnant once she is fearing getting caught.

Oh, actually – something even better – Why only pregnant women? Does the responsibility of a mother end once the baby is delivered? Not really.

Although in reality, fathers take all the responsibility after the kid is born, but theoretically mothers should share equal responsibilities.

So, actually all mothers (whether pregnant of kids already delivered) should not be given any punishment.

Yes, that sounds reasonable now, but WAIT – how is that different from what is happening today? Today also, women are not punished in India.

Present situation: All mothers are women. Women are not punished in India. So mothers are not punished in India.

So this proposed change is not a change, it is already being practiced.

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