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Read on to know what happens to men who marry in India

Wife has been beating husband since 10 years

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 28, 2009

Look at the following three videos: How violently Indian wives beat their husbands

Purushottam Mahajan was physically and mentally abused by his wife, he has videotapes of about 60 days of abuse, many men do not even have this evidence, some of them suicide!. The Police has not yet taken action on Purushottam’s complaint against spousal-abuse, even after 2 years of his complaint to various police and other authorities.

Indian Men are leading a troubled and stressed-out life and as per National Crime Records Bureau, almost 75000 men committed suicide in 2006. This is almost 80% more than women who have committed suicide (app. 42000).

The age-wise break up is as follows:

Table : Suicide Statistics Year 2006

AGE               MEN          WOMEN   TOTAL%         MORE MEN
14 or less    1194           1270         2464                -6%
15-29            22757      19459       42216              17%
30-44            27809      12890       40699            1 16%
45-59            17345       6261           236061          77%
60 or more 6597          2530          9127               161%
TOTAL 75702 4241011811279% Source: NCRB Data of 2006 (


WHAT THIS MEANS? Under the age of 14, women are 6% more likely to commit suicide, but the suicide rate increases drastically upto 116% more for males WHEN CHILDREN START TO TAKE GENDER BASED ROLES!

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