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Wife kills drunkard husband

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on October 16, 2009

Look at how media justifies wife killing of husband.

Because the husband was a drunkard, it is ok to kill him?

Who knows whether he was actually a drunkard or not?

Will media praise the bravery of husband also if he kills a wife bec she is a drunkard?

http://www.telegrap 1091016/jsp/ nation/story_ 11622254. jsp
> Erode (PTI): A woman killed her husband by setting him on fire, police
> said. Palanisamy, 50, used to drink and beat up Senniammal. Last Saturday,
> Senniammal poured kerosene on her husband and set him ablaze after a
> quarrel. She then dumped the body in a garbage bin and covered it with mud.
> But she later confessed to the panchayat pradhan out of fear, the police
> said.

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