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Gentlemen – go down on your knees and stay there

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on October 1, 2009

Gentlemen – go down on your knees and stay there.

How do you propose to a woman? You have to go down on your knees.

And what is more – the world expects you to stay there only for the rest of your lives.

Asking a man to go down on his knees to propose is a feminist’s way of telling you that ‘On the knees is the right place for you in front of her’. This is symbolically telling a man that now onwards what will happen in his life will be governed by the ‘better half’.

Feminists say ‘Gentlemen will go down on their knees to propose’. It is high time that men realize that women are just exploiting men in the name of chivalry. What does a chivalrous guy do? He holds the door for a woman to pass through, he pays the bill for everything they do together (or she does alone), he pulls the chair for her at the expensive restaurent, he will pick her up from her residence and drop her back as well after the Saturday night party, he is the one who will ‘protect’ her from the evil world.

On one hand, women world-over are demanding equality. On the other hand, they expect special treatment from men in the name of chivalry. What a clear cut example of double standards.

Indian women control everything that goes on in the household. Reminds me of a joke. There were 2 friends – Rahul and Ashish. Rahul always had a fight with his wife and Ashish never had a fight with his wife. Following is the conversation between them:

Rahul – What is the secret of your happy married life?
Ashish – We have divided our departments. I never interfere in her departmental decisions and she never questions the decisions I take in my department.
Rahul – Cool. How have you divided the departments?
Ashish – Simple. She has all the minor departments and I have taken all the major departments.
Rahul – Can you be more specific buddy?
Ashish – Well, she takes care of all the small things like – whether my parents will stay with us or not, how much money will we send to her parents every month, whether we shall have anohter baby or not etc.
Rahul – And what are your big departments?
Ashish – Well, whether USA is justified in attacking Iraq, whether the Indian stock market needs a correction, whether the policies adopted by the American president Obama need to change etc.

So, next time a woman expects you to go down on your knees to propose; remember that she will expect you to stay there forever.

2 Responses to “Gentlemen – go down on your knees and stay there”

  1. Very aptly said and a right thing pointed out. Men are made to believe they are superior (superficially) otherwise who would be ready to take the risks lifelong.

    Onus lies on men to wake up.

  2. want2change said

    so true .
    and the world still makes you believe that Men are dominating women .

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