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2-months old arrested for dowry

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on September 27, 2009

57 days old child was arrested for taking dowry. This can happen only in India

5 Responses to “2-months old arrested for dowry”

  1. iluvshrutiverma said

    The previous ‘best’ was 7 years old:

    India is shining, from 7 years we are now at 2 months. Criminals are being identified at an infant stage itself.

  2. American observer said

    Please post an English translation of this interview, if at all possible.

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      > Interview translation: Crux of the matter is as follows:

      The lady (mother with the kid) is telling how they were arrested at 1am.

      This lady, her mother in law, her sister in law, and the 57 days old kid were arrested at 1am and have been in the police station since the last 10 hours already.

      The kid was arrested because his name was there in the dowry case complaint (made by a woman in the family against 12 members of the family). The other members were not brought to the police station because only these 4 were at home that time.

      The child was also asked to come by the police. The police said they want to investigate and they will not take much time.

      > Personal comment: This is nothing new. This happens in my country quite regularly these days – sometimes 57 days old kids are arrested and sometimes 92 yr old men are arrested for torturing women – by the way the 92 yr old guy could not even stand on his own. He needed support even to stand in the court when he appeared for bail.

  3. Harrased_son_in_law said

    This is the fate of a male dominated society.

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