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Wife kills husband in Shimoga

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 18, 2009

Look at the Choice of words
– Harrassed Wife
– Drunkard Husband
– Incessant harrassment
– HE fought with HER
– He doubted the integrity of wife
– Srinivas Naik Slep after ROUTINELY quarelling with Wife
– Frustrated Geeta strangelled
– She confessed to crime( Brave honest girl )

So this is a case where a poor man is dead and all the negative derogatory
adjectives fall on him. poor man gets blamed even after his death..
This is a case where a woman brutally commits a cold blooded Murder, and the media are adding their niceties around her ..

WOWOW.. Media and its Gender Biassed Opinions…

*Shimoga, May 18:* In an incident that occurred on the night of Saturday
May 16 in the town, a daily wager named Srinivas Naik (33) was murdered by his wife, who was unable to cope with his incessant harassment.

Reportedly, Srinivas Naik doubted the integrity of his wife Geeta Bai (24)
and fought with her on a daily basis, alleging that she had an illicit relationship, after getting drunk.

On Saturday too, Srinivas Naik slept after routinely quarrelling with his
wife. Frustrated Geeta strangulated her husband when he was sleeping, by
tightening a rope around his neck. She confessed to the crime when the
policemen, who were alerted by her neighbourers, questioned her.

The policemen of Tunga Nagar police station here have registered a case.

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