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So it’s clear that girls marry only for money

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on December 9, 2008

With the current meltdown in the IT industry, girls have started to prefer other industries. So, all the guys out there, remember that marriage is only a business for girls!

The plight of the software engineers seems to mounting each passing day. As if the loss of jobs is not enough the guys are in low demand in the matrimonial area also.

Parents of prospective brides and the brides themselves are rejecting proposals from Software Engineers. More over if the guy happens to be in the US it is a definite no.

The biggest demand is for Government employees or individuals from well to do business families. Many parents feel that despite the lower incomes the government jobs provide security is a big plus. They are also insulated against market fluctuations. The IAS and IPS officers are the people who are in the greatest demand now. Also they are willing to pay dowry to get a Government employed son in law.

One Response to “So it’s clear that girls marry only for money”

  1. shaaakspsyco said

    low lives!

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