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Old woman seduces teenager before accusing him of rape

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 14, 2008

The old woman was seducing a teenager and meanwhile her son returned. She was embarrassed and in order to cover up her lust, she accused to poor teenager of rape. But look at how the media portrays the incident:

BANGALORE: A 16-year-old boy allegedly raped a 54-year-old woman when she was alone in a farmhouse in Yelahanka, where she worked as a labourer.

The woman was working on the farm, belonging to Rajanna, and her son worked in a private factory nearby. On Tuesday, the woman’s son had purchased a bird from a vendor, Kumar, and paid him Rs 10. He had asked Kumar to collect the remaining Rs 10 on Wednesday.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kumar went to collect the money, when the woman was alone. She asked Kumar to come later. Realizing there was no one in the house, Kumar closed the door and raped her. Police are on the look-out for Kumar, who is absconding.

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Husband kills wife to marry lover

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 14, 2008

Getting divorce in India is so difficult that people prefer to kill their spouse rather than go to the court seeking divorce.

My wife did not kill me because she wanted to live off my money for the rest of her life (seeking monthly maintenance from me/ settlement money to quash criminal cases etc), otherwise she would have surely killed me.

BANGALORE: A software engineer, who “murdered” his wife in order to marry another woman, has been arrested, a top police official said here today.

Manoj Kumar was nabbed yesterday for the cold-blooded murder of his wife Lakshmi,also a software engineer, on November 7, Police Commissioner, Bangalore city,Shankar Bidari told reporters.

“All gold ornaments which the accused had removed from his wife’s body, Rs 30,000 cash and the iron-rod used to hit her on the head, which had been hidden in a bush by Kumar has been recovered”, he said.

Investigations revealed that though Kumar left for work in the morning, he went back home in the afternoon on the day the murder was committed.

When he was questioned, Kumar, who had lodged the complaint about the murder, said he was “not happy with Lakshmi whom he married under pressure from his parents and wanted to get rid of her and marry his
lover, a married woman who had sought divorce from her husband”, the police official said.

He had removed the ornaments to make it appear as a murder for gain, Bidari said.

The murder comes close on the heels of a triple murder committed by a retired Air Force Sergeant, D S Yadav in the city recently, police said.
http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/Cities/ Bangalore_ man_held_ for_wifes_murder/articleshow /3713696. cms

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It’s a man’s world?

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 14, 2008

Discrimination against males starts even before they are born and still the world is fooled into believing that it’s a man’s world!

According to Indian law, aborting a male child is not a crime but aborting a female child is. So killing a male child even before he is born is allowed but one can be jailed for killing a female child. And then they claim that its a man’s world…

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