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Sorry Shruti, DV act is not available for you :(

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 9, 2008

My wife has filed all cases that are possible by a wife against her husband (including dowry cases).

I was expecting that a Domestic Violence case will come soon too (and I am sure that she was hoping so too), but now courts have ruled that DV act does not have a retrospective effect. Sorry Shruti my love 😦

New Delhi: An attempt by a woman, who got married 25 years ago, to seek relief from a Delhi court under the Domestic Violence Act for alleged harassment by her husband and in-laws in 1997 has fallen flat.
The court rejected her plea saying that the Protection of Women from the Domestic Violence Act cannot be applied to an incident of harassment with occurred 11 years ago as the woman-friendly legislation
cannot be applied with retrospective effect. “All the allegations of domestic violence and harassment pertain to the period prior to the year 1997, much before the present Act came into force on 2005. The Act also does not have a retrospective effect,” the court said. PTI

3 Responses to “Sorry Shruti, DV act is not available for you :(”

  1. rajbir said

    have u seen one site I think you should visit and participate there

    • iluvshrutiverma said

      Looks like a great website. Thanks for introducing me to it Rajbir.

      I read some of the sections about the owner and am quite impressed about the writing style and depth.

      Though the sections about DVA (domestic violence act) are of most interest to me and they seem to be ‘down’ currently. I will re-visit the site again later to check the research on DVA.

      Visiting this website prompted me to post something about the DV Act today on my website. Please read here

  2. Lakhmi N said

    Thank you for the help Sir

    May God bless you!!!

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