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Wife + family booked for husband’s suicide

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on November 6, 2008

NAGPUR: Five days after Vitthal Dodke, a resident of the Ayodhya Nagar, committed suicide, Sakkardara police have registered offences against six  persons, including his wife, for allegedly abetting the man to end his life. Police have already dispatched units to arrest the accused, but till Wednesday evening, none had been taken into custody.

Behind the scenes, one may say that it was due to the efforts put in by members of the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), an organisation consisting mostly of men tortured by their wives, which did the trick. Otherwise, the police had not registered offence against anyone despite the fact that Dodke had mentioned in his suicide note that his wife had driven him to commit suicide.

Offences under section 306 of the IPC have been registered against six accused identified as Dodke’s wife Saroj, her family members Ashok Kshirsagar, Prakash Kshirsagar, their father Natthuji Kshirsagar and his wife, as well as one Ramkrishna Pimpalkar. The offences were registered late on Wednesday evening.

However, despite this, members of the SIFF, led by Rajesh Wakharia, organised a demonstration outside the Sakkardara police station on Wednesday morning, to protest the inordinate delay by the cops to register offence against the accused. The situation was diffused after the policemen informed them that they had already sent squads to bring in the accused.

Dodke had committed suicide by hanging himself at his home. His body had been discovered at on October 31. During primary investigations, police recovered a suicide note in which Dodke had said that his wife was pressurising him to have his parental house transferred in her name, and had been threatening to lodge false complaints at the local police station and have him and his family arrested if he did not comply with her demands.

Incidentally, this is the third case in a year in the city of a woman being booked by the police for allegedly driving her husband to suicide. In a similar incident in Ajni a few months ago, a city corporator and her family had been booked by the police after being accused of abetting her husband to commit suicide.

2 Responses to “Wife + family booked for husband’s suicide”

  1. anand said

    i am aanand.k,aged 34, married on 22 june 2005.
    now lot of wife’s torchure their husbands for money.thank you for the members of the SIFF. i am also having suicide idea after myfamily members(me,myfather,mother,sister) are thretend by my wife d.renuka & her family.the problem starts when i try to get a government lecturer job by treachers recruitment board, wife and her father try to get the job father in law name:durairaj,rtd deputy collector,come chennai for this purpose and stays with my family,(we stayed with my sister who is sister loves my child and my child loves my sister.both are very sister spent around 1 lac for my child.)by enquiry through his freinds, they told giving rs.6,00,000(six lacs)to politician and get job.this is best method,lot of jobs so far we have done like this.they give assurance to me and my father,mother.eventhough they give assurance i am not accepting to give money.without my intrest they(my wife,father-in-law,my father and mother) compul me to give 6,00, last i surrender my wife and do whatever they told.first my father in law collect 50,000 from my father in thuraiyur and come to chennai by i arrange rs.50,000.on friday 20 june 2008,my father in law forced me to give it to his friend named srinivasan lawyer and notary public who is friend to deputy speaker of tamilnadu,i refused to give the money on friday after sunset.but my father in law scolded me,what kind of thoughts you have like a foolish,come lets us go by bike to srinivasan huouse and handed over the money to him,then only they start work for your government lecturer wife also force me to do what her father i went with my father in law,my father in law gave the amount of rs.1,00,000 to his friend and we return home.then my father in law told go to your father and mother house in thuraiyur,they arrange the rest of amount rs.5,00,000 by break through the bank deposit and come i went on saturday night by omni bus to thuraiyur. on sunday 4.30 morning i reached home.on 9.30 with money and father take airbus to chennai, reached chennai at 4.30p.m. on 6.50 pm we went to the srinivasan lawyer father is heart patient so i take my father with father in law come by bus to annanagar to the lawyer house.after my father in law come my father gave the remainig rs.5,00,000 to him and he gave it to his friend srinivasan.we strongly request if any reason post not confirmed please return money.they gave assurance. after 2 months on august the post was filled.i am not posted,so as per talk we ask the money,but now my wife went without my knowledge to her father house and blame me i am torchure her by asking the rs.6,00,000 money,so she dont like to live with me until they return the money.on septemer last week she left from chennai when my child is study in play school after paying rs.3,500 as school fees,my child went for 20 days only.after that she never speak with me or with my family members.whenever i try to speak she never speak and my inlaw family members scolded me. now i am helpless situation. we report it with her relatives 1.vayapuri rtd headmaster and his wife who is elder sister to my mother in law. they told on 11.oct 2008 to my father in law try to get the amount from your friend within onemonth and return it to my father,if it fails you give your amount.(2) tamil who is sister to my father in law also told to my father in law to return the money to us.(3)ponnusamy bank officer who is cousine to my father in law also do the same.but my wife and her family told we tell to all and destroy their fame,so by complaint against our family and put all in jail. now i need help.

  2. contact chennai help-line
    +91 9941012958
    +91 9381026333

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